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... less fruit, more protein and some good fats. ... (4 replies)
My new plan!
Nov 18, 2004
... Ok thanks and Naxis, Tank, everyone who replied. Tank: I agree with Naxis, because body-building keeps me motivated, focused, im doing better in school once I started it, and I didnt just do it because im unhappy with myself. I think its good to have a strong nice body, girls like it, you could get more jobs (like roofing, the bosses are going to pick the strong over... (8 replies)
... Sorry it took me a good week to find this thread again. I thought I lost you guys!! ... (84 replies)

... Cables needed for back exercises? Bah. Deadlifts, bent over barbell rows, dumbell rows, and pullups or chinups. No cables needed there and your back will get huge. (6 replies)
... Biggest piece of advice, absolute biggest, use good form. Maybe I go to a junky gym, but 9 out of 10 people I see use bad form. ... (6 replies)
... Personally, I eat before working out. But that's because my routine has to be after dinner. So I doubt that's helpful for you! But I only had two thoughts for you about what you should take in pre and post. ... (7 replies)
... days a week. I think the author doesn't want participants to exercise vigorously, but I wasn't about to change my workout routine for the diet. ... (2 replies)
Ab Routine?
May 5, 2004
... Right now my husband & I are doing Tamilee Webb's "I want those abs" tape. The tape has two 15 minute ab routines. The first workout is more for beginners & the second is more advanced. She is a really good instructor & she covers the entire midsection. My husband also just bought me the book "The Complete Book of Abs for Women", & it is also wonderful! It covers... (6 replies)
... ch harder to do than just regular shoulder presses. I'm not saying it's the end all be all of shoulder exercises but it's a great way to get an overall shoulder workout and I think it should be included in any good shoulder routine. ... (3 replies)
... Try dropping the isolation exercises and going back to compound movements for awhile. Bench Press Military Press or Clean and Press Chin-ups Wide Grip Chins Upright Rows Bent Over Rows Dips Squats (4 replies)
Get Into Shape
Oct 27, 2003
... Second, experiment with different physical activities. The best way to stay or get in shape is to find something you enjoy. If you absolutely hate your workout routine you won't stick with it. Try to get moving for 30 to 60 minutes a day. ... (4 replies)
... I know how irritating it can be when everything else is fine with the body except the tummy. I am trying to incorporate all the suggestions given here in my workout routine. Maybe you can try the same!. ... (19 replies)
... eight. Anyway, all of a sudden I noticed that my clothes were getting really baggy. When I stepped on the scale it said that I had lost 20 lbs. Depending on your workout routine it can take awhile to see major results. Don't be discouraged though...just give it time. ... (5 replies)
... YOur workout routine is fine for gaining mass...make sure it is very big weights in low reps. ... (8 replies)
Enough exercise?
Jun 21, 2003
... My exercise routine is a circuit i warm up with 10 mins of cardio then i do a circuit of : 15 lunges 15 squats 1 min cardio 15 push up 15 tricep dips 1 min cardio 15 back extensions 15 curls 1 min cardio 15 calf raises 15 sit ups 1 min cardio . i repeat the ciruit one more time and do some extra ab exercises i am not over weight but i was wondering if this is a good workout... (1 replies)
... am a body builder, I want to look good... you know, nice chest, shoulders and some biceps, but I don't want to look like a body builder, is there a supplement or workout routine you would recommend to burn fat and get definition while keeping you from getting big. ... (4 replies)
Why am I not sore?
Apr 29, 2003
... isn't a sign of a good workout. Working to muscular failure is the only sure sign you worked out well. Doms only tells you you've done something your body isn't used to doing. ... (3 replies)
... Any new exercise routine will probably give you results, especially if you haven't done anything like it before. ... (2 replies)
... I dispute it. My best friend is a vegi and is trying to start a workout routine and gain muscles mass. He is hoping to see results similiar to mine, but with him not eating meat, I doubt he will see serious gains despite all the hard work. ... (20 replies)
... Would it be a good idea to rotate squats and front squats? ... (2 replies)

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