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... ou're probably right and I'm probably consuming just too many calories for weight loss. I'm only aiming to lose 1 pound a week so if I can't manage that with my workout routine, my calories must be too high. ... (4 replies)
... my weight 150lbs bench 260lbs and squat 360lbs, i dont ever workout my legs i get my leg strength from playin sports. ... (3 replies)
... I used to always do a few reps of crunches before I went to bed untill someone told me that it doesn't do any good to do these crunches unless I am in an intense workout. Is this true? ... (2 replies)

... What does your diet look like? (4 replies)
A unique Plateu
Jun 10, 2003
... You need a totally different workout routine. Your body is stuck in a rut and needs change. Get online and look for something different. ... (12 replies)
Oct 23, 2001
... that I worked out are sore. However, I rarely ever miss a workout day so my body isn't out of routine and I always stretch well before working each body part and in between sets. ... (1 replies)
... knows workout routines can become routine and at times, boring. Most folks know what must be included in a good, overall workout. ... (7 replies)
Weights vs. Cardio
Feb 24, 2006
... Will I still burn fat and lose weight with my current workout routine? ... (2 replies)
... Now, if you're looking to gain some good muscle mass you need to have a good routine and a good diet, REST and be prepared to stick with it. It may take longer than 10 weeks, but it's well worth it. ... (2 replies)
... a friend and i have just started going to the gym, been going for about a month now, i feel a lot stronger, but would like to get some tips on how to make my routine better... ... (4 replies)
... Also, since I am a beginner, I am going to use machines rather than free weights. Does anyone have a good routine that they have been using that could be of some use to me? ... (2 replies)
What's wrong?
Dec 15, 2011
... group aerobics, biking, rowing, etc. into your workout routine. ... (19 replies)
... Great work! That's awesome about your success so far! I find that with time, it's good to add in some variety to keep the routine working. Right now, you may be fine with walking for a bit longer. ... (3 replies)
... m just looking for any advice, opinions and thoughts on what would be good for me to do to get in amazing shape. ... (3 replies)
... fitness program, it's really great, gave me an exact workout routine, so no more guess work when working out. Also gave me an eating plan that I have tried my best to stick to. ... (20 replies)
... works for YOU. You've said that the high intensity workouts aren't producing results for you. It wasn't doing it for me, so now I'm experimenting with a longer workout at a lower intensity. ... (29 replies)
... however, ab exercises when done correctly and followed up by a good daily cardio workout, can prouce some good results. Diet, exercise, and burning body fat are the key to achieving a good midsection. ... (5 replies)
... know about your legs, but if you do work your legs two days in a row, just make sure you get at LEAST one day of rest in during your 7 day rotation. Pilates is good but I wouldn't do it two days in a row. I'm talking heavy leg work two days in a row isn't too good. ... (3 replies)
... One problem I have here is that I don't agree with your diet plan and it is not very good for long term health or long term fat loss. Since you just started this venture, it would be advisable to start off the best way you can. ... (1 replies)
... What is the best way to get a good and healthy workout? ... (6 replies)

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