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... HAHAHAHAHA, you know you are totally right. I have seen things like that at the gym I go to also. It's hilarious, for sure! One thing I get a kick out of is seeing these "gym idiots" that think they have to lift the whole stack to "show off". ... (38 replies)
... We have covered the 'Gym Idiots" thread, now I want to start a new one. Other then people who act like idiots, what generally pisses you off while at the gym? Any particular days where something happened? I have a few, I'll start off with one. When I work out, my muscles become full. My biceps go from 16 1/2 to 17 1/4, my chest just looks like balloons, etc., etc. I once... (73 replies)
Gym Idiots.
Jan 4, 2003
... Well....we might as well talk about gym idiots and other things that people do to piss you off. ... (102 replies)

... Sounds like some of you guys belong to pretty sub-standard gyms/clubs. Though I have plenty of stories about my fellow member idiots...I can't complain about my club. It is open 24/7; and is run very professionally. You'd never find the front desk empty. In fact, there are always two people manning the check-in computers during peak hours. The main towel station usually... (38 replies)
... Most of the people in my gym are pretty "normal" for the most part. The one thing that bugs me though is there always seems to be a group of guys at the gym always more concerned with flapping their lips than working the iron. ... (38 replies)
... At my gym you have to turn in your membership card in order to get a towel and then turn the towel back in to get your card back. ... (38 replies)
... (73 replies)
... yeah, I hate the judgement looks too. This past 2 weeks have been nothing but annoying at the gym so I'm here to vent, lol. ... (73 replies)
... I don't think you should look like Tammy Faye, but if wearing makeup to the gym makes the girl feel more confident then isn't that ok? ... (38 replies)
... My gym annoyances... ... (73 replies)
... I would have to say that my biggest gripe in the gym has to be the fact that so many people at my gym don't re-rack there weights. Where ever they finished there set with dumbells is where they leave them. Or do leg press machine and fill it with all the plates it can hold and leave it. Then you see some smaller person or a woman that has to sit there and take off all... (38 replies)
... I just joined my gym in September, and was really enjoying the realtive emptiness...Until January2nd! ... (38 replies)
... the staff at my gym suck too. ... (38 replies)
... who go to the gym fully showered and made up, like they're going for happy hour minus the alcohol. I'm the type who doesn't even shower before the gym because I actually plan on sweating, imagine that! ... (38 replies)
... I agree with wolfpack about #1...there are so many women in my gym's locker room that try to make conversation while standing there buck naked. I have no problem with the human body but come on! And most of these women walk around like they are goddesses. Not quite. (73 replies)
... Hehehehehehe......... Here's another way to look at it: People like that are GREAT!!!!! They give us something to talk about, and they show us that we should appreciate those people who are kind and patient in the gym. The man you described has "issues". What they are, who knows. But it should be kind of fun to mess with him a little as frustrated described. --... (73 replies)
... you guys should report him. Every gym has common courtesy rules and if someone is harrassing you they need to be reported. ... (73 replies)
... Oh, another one... I hate it when people tell me that as a girl I should use lighter weights, and do more reps, because otherwise I will "bulk up". Firstly, come on, how quickly can a girl bulk up?! Secondly, if I want to do 200 pounds on the 45 leg press, I'll do that, and I don't give a damn what anybody thinks! Secondly, I get weird looks from people in my gym, simply... (73 replies)
... Our gym staff does not give advice unless asked and they are always willing to give you a spot. ... (38 replies)
... I would have to say that my biggest gripe in the gym has to be the fact that so many people at my gym don't re-rack there weights. QUOTE] I'll bet that the same ones who do not put their weights back on the rack, are the ones who leave their bath towels on the locker room floors, sinks, benches etc..., rather than dropping them in the towel bin on their way out. It's... (38 replies)

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