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... I do 3 to 4 workouts per week alternating just as you do. It works very well for me. Is there a reason you do chest and bis together and back and tris together? ... (8 replies)
... Actually, strength is heavy weights, low (3-5) reps. Hypertrophy is med-heavy weight, med (6-12) reps. (4 replies)
... I finally joined a gym and after a few months of being off and losing some of my gains. I'm ready to go at it again, but i want to bulk first a bit then go to strength. ... (4 replies)

... carbs to protein, this is a good combination for a bulking cycle as the calories help to pack on mass relax though as long as you weight train it will pack on as muscle. ... (7 replies)
... on it is this. If you are eating a diet right now and not gaining any weight then if you add exercise on top of that you'll be burning more calories thus you'll lose weight. I'm assuming you aren't gaining any weight right now so I say just continue to eat whatever you want and add exercise to that. ... (10 replies)
... Anyway to get down to the story, i want to bulk build my arms and shoulder and peck area, legs. while losing weight in my stomach so i can get some defination. ... (2 replies)
... Okay first thing is that I would like to say I am not a nutrition expert for the perfect advice on eating it would be best to talk to someone who is this advice is from my own personal experience. ... (8 replies)
Lifting Question?
Nov 17, 2003
... Yes, I am at 185, which is down from 240 pounds in the past six months. If I waited till I was at goal weight, I would have loose skin hanging to my knees. ... (13 replies)
... and about 120lbs, give or take a few lbs. Alright well, here's my story. Throughout my childhood, I've always been a big chubster, but I managed to lose almost all the weight. I still have a little bit of bulk in my upper legs, stomach, and chest. ... (1 replies)
Body fat
Jul 29, 2004
... Any cardio will help you burn fat, but you cannot spot reduce. You will lose the fat wherever your body decides it's going to lose it next, it's all determined by genetics. ... (9 replies)
... and catabolize fat at the same time. To lose fat, you must take in less calories then your body burns, and to gain muscle, you must take in more calories then your body burns. You can only do one at a time. ... (6 replies)
... exercize is how bodybuilders got to be like that, after all. ... (4 replies)
... t most people fail at losing weight and keeping it off because of diet and lack of proper exercise. Diet is something that will help you shed pounds at first but to keep the pounds from coming back you don't need a "diet". What is needed is a different way of looking at food consumption. ... (26 replies)
... times week. i have been trying to do HIIT, is it really more effective? ... (8 replies)
... it's very very difficult to get real mass and still lose or even keep from putting on fat. Some of it depends on your current physical status and how meticulous you are willing to get. In general, you cannot add muscle and lose fat at once because of the calorie requirements of each goal. ... (2 replies)
... Once you start to lean out, gaining muscle and losing fat will become seperate goals. ... (5 replies)
... shape' unfortunately nothing upstairs, but i carry all my extra weight in my bottom and inner thighs. are there certain excercies to avoid? ... (8 replies)
... It's still underweight for that height and if it requires a ton of cardio to maintain, it's not healthy. And if you plan to gain any lean muscle, that will add to your overall weight, even though it will not increase your bulk or fluff. ... (8 replies)
... do the eight pounds. If you cant do tons of reps dont worry about it. For over all toning try a good video. They have ones for every area of the body you want to tone. sit ups and push ups are always good too. Keep up with Cardio because you will get great results. ... (6 replies)
... I'm 24, about 5'6 and maybe a couple more cm's , about 180 pds and i jiggle more than jellow. My goal is to lose at least 20 pds and get toned up. ... (6 replies)

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