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Protien foods?
Apr 26, 2001
... Can anyone out there help direct me to a site or post here what foods are high in protien and the best to eat while trying to eat very little carbs? ... (3 replies)
... What foods do you eat that are very high in protien? ... (9 replies)
... I noticed one night that beef jerky is crazy high in protien. . . Its so damn expensive though, anyone got a recipie for making beef jerky? (using the oven, not a dehydrater) (9 replies)

... Hi Mitch. Most jerkeys are made of beef. However, there is also turkey, buffalo, emu. The high protein foods I enjoy are: Alaskan Salmon (Not Atlantic. It's farm grown and injected w/dye for color as it has none of it's own) Chicken Breast Legumes, including and especially, peanuts Skim milk cheeses Goat cheese (9 replies)
... My favorite protein-rich foods are: 1.Protein Shakes 2.Eggs, eggs, and more eggs! 3.Soy milk 4.Soy meat of any kind(burgers,hot dogs,breakfast meat. They're delicious AND good for you) 5.Grilled chicken 6.Chili 7.Nuts (9 replies)
... Since I heard that protien bulds muscle I wanted to know what foods have high protien? ... (6 replies)
... s what I drink after my workouts, it helps rebuild and repair broken down muscle which you damaged when you workout... even though oatmeal has protien in it, it also has carbs which your body doesn't need to repair, you can eat it a hour later or so but protein is the best.. but your milkshake... ... (16 replies)
... A few things to add which compliment what Naxis stated: you burn calories 3 ways Metabolism (70%) TEE (Thermal Effect of Eating) - 15% TEA (thermal effect of Activity / Exercise) - 15% Therefore: 1. the more often you eat, the more you burn hence, eat frequently. This does of course mean to eat the correct foods as Naxis and others descirbed (more protien, foods... (13 replies)
... of healthy fats. i know quite a bit of foods that contain these, but not a lot... does anyone know of any sites that have a list of foods that contain a lot of carbs, protiens, and healthy fats? ... (2 replies)
... but heres my question, i dont wanna get fat or nething, but i wanna gain muscle. now i like protien foods such as meat and stuff, so i dont need to worry about that, but i wanna know when i should start muscle building stuff. ... (4 replies)
... you have the right idea about your healthy food intake but for protien you need about 35g of protein for your weight a day, if you really what to lose try HIIT which is high interval intensity training which is, if your running, do sprints like 30 sec and then jog for 1 1/2 min and then back to sprint for 30 sec, do this for 20 min no more cuz anymore you'll start burning... (16 replies)
... It's usually recommended to eat 6 small meals spaced out through the day to maintain a proper metabolism. If your looking to BUILD muscle, a few of the experts on here advice you to eat 1g of protein per pound of weight. However, for health, it's advised to eat .5g of protein per pound of weight. Anyways you can supplement with a good "whey protein" shake. Optimum... (5 replies)
... I noticed the last post was talking about NO FAT. But I am wondering from what you said. Did you want to gain pounds through having more muscle? Or did you want to gain pounds and muscle? From my impression, it was muscle and pounds, but correct me if I'm wrong. Football players for example would want both. Wrestlers may too. Depends on what you're going for. If you didn't... (9 replies)
... What kind of meat do you suggest? Pretty much whatever I like? do you know what most beef jerkys made of? (9 replies)
... about 3 lbs. of meat (see instructions below) 2/3 C Worcestershire sauce 2/3 C of soy sauce 1 tsp. of black pepper 1 tsp. garlic powder 1 tsp. onion powder Options 1 tsp. liquid smoke (9 replies)
... Myoplex Shakes (42 g) Any lean cut of steak (7 g/oz) Chicken breast (7 g/oz) and for snacks-- beef jerky! Hardly any fat, and your typical convenience-store beef stick will have 15-25 g. (9 replies)
... Mine would be: Tuna rtd shakes chicken breast eggs (9 replies)
... +30 grams of protein tuna chicken breast lean red meat fish -30 grams of protein protein powder (9 replies)
... Most of my protein comes from: Soy - baked tofu, soy-dogs, edamame, Boca burgers eggs - better 'n eggs and hard boiled whey - shakes, added to oatmeal etc beans - 10 bean "soup" mixes rock with rice (9 replies)
... the only thing i did was lift hard and eat a ton of high protien foods. I would eat so much that i never got hungry. Mass food intake worked for me , just stuff it in. ... (13 replies)

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