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... Prior to Power of 10 I walked daily, did aerobic stepping 3 times a week and push ups, pull ups, sit ups and dips 3 times a week. So, I was in relatively good condition. ... (4 replies)
Trying to lose
Nov 30, 2000
... Hi Angeline, What I was saying about the junk food is avoid partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Most high polyunsataturated fats (corn oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, etc.) should also be avoided in my opinion due to their unstable nature and tendency to oxidize. Saturated fat (butter, coconut oil, palm oil) are naturally stable and healthy. Monounsaturated fats... (12 replies)
... I have been doing this for some time now. Everyday when I wake up before i take my daily shower and get ready for school, and every night, before i brush my teeth and what not. It really mostly tones the body. if you want to get big muscels, the weight room is where it is at, but this simple routine has worked wonders. it really helps for toning up your stomach, i have a 6... (6 replies)

... No, you're going to lose a lot of that hardgained muscles by doing those kind of exercises, and still wont' accomplish what you want. If you want to look like the guys in Men's Health magazines, you'll still need to hit the weights. You don't actually 'tone' your muscles... they're already there, what you need to do is reduce the fat so your muscles become more distinctive. ... (6 replies)
... ups, sit ups, pull ups, dips, and for legs i guess i would still use wieghts, just lighter... ... (6 replies)
... Yeah, when it comes down to the wire for a comp. within a month, I'll do this routine to super shred my body just that extra little bit: 200 push-ups (2 sets of 100) 100 crunches (2 sets of 50 100 chinups (4 sets of 25) 100 Wide Grip Chins (" " " ") 50 high jumps 50 high jumps (tip-toes) Heavybag for cardio (6 replies)
... Abs are really about "what" and how much you are eating. When you say healthy food what do you mean. Everyone has a different idea about what "healthy" is. You want a clean/balanced diet. Complex carbs, not artificial sweeteners, whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies, low fat dairy, lean meats and protein, healthy fats. Stay away from processed foods. Don't drink your... (5 replies)
... Hi. I'm 23 and am really just starting to work out. I'm a smaller guy (5'9'' 145lbs) and I have a plan which I need some guidance on. First, it's probably best to say that I would like to gain around 10-15lbs of muscle and simply be healthy. Now, my plan which I need help with is as follows. Three to four times a week I'm doing as many push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and... (3 replies)
... here is the deal, I am a 17 and 11month year old male. I turn 18 next month. I haven't been exercisnig and working out for teh past years. Is it too late to exercise? I want to tone the body mainly(get rid of the stomach, see shape etc). none of the turning really buff crap. I once heard taht once you hit 18, your height, body shape etc are kind of permanant(unless you eat and... (2 replies)
Tummy and hip fat
Apr 16, 2010
... For most people fat gets burned from the fingertips and works it way in towards the core of the body so it takes some hard work and a strict diet to get to the point you are aiming for but it is completely feasible. If you are able to walk on a tread mill set the incline at a decent angle (10 degrees plus) and set a brisk walking pace; you will want to get your heart rate... (3 replies)
... pull ups, push ups, sit ups, dips, etc.. they kill me while the weights are much easier. ... (8 replies)
... Are you a poolie yet? Usually you can work out with the other poolies and since you all know (or should have an idea) of what you'll need to do, you work ON THAT. Worrying about your max is irrelevent. You need to condition your upper body for strength and your lower body for endurance. If you want to lug around weight get an alice pack and run with it. You should... (10 replies)
... every other day or I would do pilates ab exercises and I didn't feel like my abs went downhill or anything. I would say just to make sure you don't overdo it and pull your muscles. ... (3 replies)
Situps question
Jan 17, 2006
... do you pull at your neck while clasping it.... ... (3 replies)
... Hello I am new to this forum! Ok, so I am going to follow an Navy EOD fitness trainig guide and I am wondering will this be safe? I am a teen and I wana lose some pounds! Here is the site link: If you cant view the link here is the schedule I would be on: Week 1 Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 2 miles per day, 8:30 pace 6... (1 replies)
... how much you can lift, always start out low, maybe 3 or 5pounds, or for push ups know how many you can do...don't push yourself...and talk to a doctor or do some more research so you don't injure yourself. ... (1 replies)
... I do chin-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups. I installed a pull-up bar in my hallway and usually do 14-15 pull ups, 25 or so push-ups and about 50 crunches about 3-4 times per week. And at work I never use the elevator, always the stairs and there are plenty of them here. The pull ups really help to define your biceps and muscles under your arms where they wrap around to your back... (9 replies)
... Hi guys. My aim is to bulk up all round, but in particular I want to improve my arms. I posed my workout recently in another thread. Here it is again (The weights I'm lifting are the current levels, and should be increasing every week): Monday: Chest and arms Flat Bench Press: 4 sets of 22.5 kilo dumbells Dips: Ideally 4 sets of 10, but I'm only able to do about 3... (6 replies)
... Okay. Following some advice from Naxis, I have revised my workout plan. I originally had about six or seven exercises in each group, and now I've managed to narrow it down quite substantially. Just some context again - I am an 18 year old male. I'm of average height and slim build - my weight is around 8.5 stone (54kg). I am not muscular, but I do not want to build lots and... (1 replies)
... I"m pretty sure taht you guys are gonna say "lifting weights" rights?? What if that is out of the question??? I just don't really have the time, and don't want to spend money. Plus, my only concentration is the ARM and HANDS. Nothing else. I want to add strength, and maybe make it a little bigger(especially in the wrists). The only thing I can come up with is doing... (1 replies)

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