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... I did an intensive taebo workout in my weight training class on Thursday, October 17th. The day after, my upper back was very sore, like around the shoulder blades. It is Sunday the 20th, and I still have the same pain. Is upper back pain after a taebo workout common? ... (1 replies)
... outs, my upper back has suffered. ... (0 replies)
... or it's my shoulder blades if that's what you call them,anyway was doing dumbell pullovers for the 1st time yesterday and now i'm in so much pain with it don't know if i was doing them right at all i thought it was supposed to taRGET the chest. (0 replies)

Push ups
Aug 8, 2004
... I started doing push ups and i expected my chest and my triceps to be sore but my upper back around my shoulder blades feels as sore as my chest and triceps. Is this normal? ... (1 replies)
... I'm only interested in working my upper body. I ride bikes alot so my legs are all fine and dandy. ... (4 replies)
... I was just getting back into my routine again, like working out 6x a week with strength training being 2 out of the 6. ... (2 replies)
... I have been working out (pushups, situps, running, and weightlifting) daily since February... In the last couple of weeks, I have really stepped it up in pushups and situps and can tell a huge difference. The last four days or so, my breasts have been incredibly sore, even to the touch (including the nipples). I'm having to sleep in a bra because I feel like I need the... (1 replies)
... thanks, Naxis! I tried doing them at a much slower pace yesterday at the gym and I think it really helped.. i'm a little sore this morning! ... (3 replies)
Uneven DOMS
Sep 7, 2007
... It was like a funny soreness though it was like I had strained it aswell. As I went to stretch it out it just felt more sore and it wouldnt relieve it. I get this quite often too. ... (1 replies)
Sore or hurt?
Jul 18, 2008
... I have lower back pain too. ... (5 replies)
... You lie on your back on the floor with your feet about shoulder width apart and knees bent. Keep your chin tucked into your chest. Lift your upper body, bending at the waist until you are sitting up vertically. Keep your arms at your sides crossed in front of you or behind the head. ... (2 replies)
... at the Bally's gym, I work my I use freeweights for my chest and forearms, and cable weights for my biceps and triceps, and machines for my shoulders, deltoids, upper back, lower back, abs, obliques, pecs, and legs. I am 6'0" 175 Ilbs. ... (2 replies)
Ankle Pain
Jun 15, 2008
... I saved money on new glasses this week, so I went next door to the orthopedic shoe store, and had a professional pick out inserts for me. They cost like $70, which is the price of a pair of shoes, but they didn't hurt and they seem to already be broken in after 3 days of wearing. Given the amount of joint pain I deal with, (R ankle surgery, both knees pain, hips, lower... (14 replies)
... Just wondering..I am thinking that I may have to go back to my doctor..this does NOT seem to be getting any better at all!! Hate to hurt THIS much!!! One person I told on FB said that it might be "Torn ligaments! ... (0 replies)
Pullup help
Jun 25, 2004
... those rocky pullups are hard! I think most of the muscles in my upper back are sore. But I suppose that means I'm working things that needed to be worked. Thanks for the advice. ... (5 replies)
... Seperate your upper body an lower body when you workout. Why? ... (9 replies)
Whats better
Jun 10, 2002
... Actually, Hoyd is on the right track here. There is no such thing as upper and lower abs when speaking of muscle contraction. ... (4 replies)
... ups. But ankle weights are a good help for reverse crunches. I say do your lower ab stuff first, or superset it with crunches. Then really pound the upper abs to top the workout off, then hit obliques. Obliques, I say, are the best part of abs, nothing feels better than strong tight sides! ... (7 replies)
... part of the body everyday. I agree that muscles need a day to rest, buy my husband tells me that legs can be worked everyday. I would think you would get very sore and stay sore if you did squats and lunges everyday. ... (8 replies)
... Today I started my body for life weight training... I started with my upper body like it says too. Now when working my chest I do not feel anything working in my chest... ... (7 replies)

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