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... I am 3 weeks into my Squats and Milk routine. ... (16 replies)
... Hey all Ive read up on a lot of articles and one that got my attention was the squats and milk article, a program so brutal but simple it puts mass on quick smart, it involves 20 rep squats and more and a gallon of milk a day for the programs duration, People have gained in between 5 - 20 kgs so it sounds sweet, I know some of this will be fat but different people get... (16 replies)
... I'm actually only drinking about 1 litre of milk every day, but I have 10 raw eggs each day mixed in with the milk. When I started the program I was 72kg. ... (16 replies)

... I did say Squats "and" more lol, My exercise is as follows 3 times a week, just started on Monday 16th 5 min run warmup Shoulder press 3 x 12 Squats 1 x 20 Pullovers 1 x 20 Bench press 3 x 12 (16 replies)
... If I had to guess, I'd say they're just trying to get more natural protein. Straight whey (or whey with the milk) will help increase the protein content, but you really ought to have a more balanced diet than you do. More solid foods, more fiber, more nutrition. If you bet better nutrition *in addition* to getting enough protein to facilitate muscle growth, your body will... (16 replies)
... I used to go 3 times a week but have lessened it to 2 times a week because now I have a job on a mountain as a lift assistant and snow shoveler, also my milk consumption has dropped to about an average of half a liter a day for the last 2 weeks, but but... ... (16 replies)
... This was good timing. I'm actually halfway through my fourth week of this program right now, and I've gained 6kgs so far. ... (16 replies)
... My latest workout was: today 5 min run standing Shoulder press: 12 x 40 kgs 11 x 40 kgs 9 x 40 kgs Squats: (16 replies)
... ood you are eating is not staying in your digestive system long enough to be digested. If you spend the next 6 weeks having diahrrea, you'll lose a lot of weight and your body will eat into your muscle stores to get the protein it requires. ... (16 replies)
... well hello people, so much for keeping us updated lol well im done with the 20 rep squats, I got to 110kg for 20 reps but I still ended up being 74kg and Im really happy with the weight I got too :), my legs are way bigger and more filled out and have gained 1 inch in circumference on the quad area, it looks weird cause my calfs did and have not gained any size even though... (16 replies)
... Cool, yet another person doing the program. The thing about the milk and the calcium makes a lot of sense. I'll try and drink more of it now. Be sure to keep us updated on your progress. ... (16 replies)
... I am now about 200 lbs. When I started, about a month and a few days ago, I was 180 lbs. ... (16 replies)
... Lol we think we very much the same, I wanted my program to look more like yours, a little split and more bicep action as I have pretty small arms at 12"s in circumference, I think 15"s would be ideal, I also have pins for legs, but I have a weird body. ... (16 replies)
... Ive gained 2.5 kilos and held it ever since Ive noticed it, COME ON! ... (16 replies)
... Can you tell me your weight and gains, have yours legs gain inchs? ... (16 replies)
... Actually, I think it looks great. Maybe some kind of protein on the salad and like others said, one protein shake IN that milk you mentioned. ... (5 replies)
... Wow, 5 kgs is sweet. I cant wait till I gain something noticeable like even a kilo Im still trying to find out my working weight. (16 replies)
... Its ok I think 4 liters is a bit much, I can gut 2 liters so Ill go with that :), when I have 2 liters I don't have diarrhea, Or Can you recommend an alternative substance? thanks (16 replies)
... There is an exercise program out there called "Squats and Milk" which uses pullover for ribcage expansion. It works. ... (5 replies)
... l playing with my diet..i think i may be eating too few calories now. I'm 5'6..134 lbs..female. Anyway i run at least 5 times a week now..and i do some cruches and lunges and squats and jump rope..or what ever i can think of doing about 3 times a week..anyway i'd still like to lose another 7 lbs. ... (5 replies)

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