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Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's my hope that someone with similar experiences (though I would not wish this on anyone) or who has knowledge of them will read this and respond, and so I can learn something.

Several years ago I developed a floater, along with a halo effect around light sources in my right eye. I have always had quite poor vision (myopia) and wear glasses or contacts. The floater is off-center and only generally only shows when I move my eye back and forth, and has been benign and I have gotten used to its presence.

About 10 weeks ago I developed a sudden onset of several additional problems at once, and they have gotten worse and more frequent as time has passed. When I close my eyes, I see sparks appear quickly and disappear slowly, as if I had looked at tiny bright lights. These are generally only visible with my eyes closed, but sometimes I get stronger ones that appear with my eyes open, and last for several minutes; these are generally fairly central.

What's more frightening is the usually elongated black pulsing splotches at the top of my vision, which started seemingly only in my right eye but by now have graduated to both eyes. They come and go without any apparent link to my actions, except one time where they occurred immediately after I had a coughing fit from a brief flu I experienced last week.

In the last week, I've started to also see bright undefined flashes at the periphery of my vision, like white smears, and a few mornings over the last couple of weeks I've awoken to see vein patterns in my vision and with the center of vision in both eyes covered in circles of red overexposure, which persisted for a couple of minutes.

I saw an optician when the problems first began, who said she could not see any problems at the center of my retina, but that she couldn't see more and that I should see an opthalmologist if the problems get any worse, as she was worried it could be the start of a retina detachement. Unfortunately I was on vacation for a time, during which I had other health problems. A couple of mornings I woke with my pulse shaking my vision and one of my eyes constantly focusing and defocusing; this in combination with the other things caused me to redevelop panic attacks, which persist.

By the time I returned to my country where I could hope to receive medical care, the problems had progressed. I have an appointment this friday and I intend to be the most firm I have ever been in trying to get tests. I'm terrified. And my experiences with doctors have left me afraid that even seeing the specialist may not help. But I hope, and I reach out here on this forum now.

Existing health problems: Arrhythmia, and I think slightly high blood pressure.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this.

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