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Hi all, for some time I have been having left eye pains, specifically on the inside of it. It is definitely not around the eye, but inside it. I can only describe it as a SUDDEN stabbing pain that comes and goes at random intervals. When the stabbing pain comes it is really excruciating, it causes me to suddenly close my left eye and put my hand over it. I thought it was something that would pass with time and it actually did for awhile.

It wasn't until I think yesterday that these pains started to come back, and today they are far more frequent. I am starting to think that I made a HUGE mistake in not seeing an eye doctor when I had the chance. Because now I am starting a new temp job this Tuesday that I really don't want to mess up on. I am really disappointed in myself for not getting this checked out when I had the chance. I am afraid for my vision and need some explanation on what this might be. Please any help or advice is appreciated. Other than the extremely painful stabs, I haven't had other symptoms except for blurriness that I noticed that I've been getting on both eyes when things are far away. Thanks again and God bless!

EDIT: I had forgotten to mention, if there is indeed something wrong with my left eye, will whatever is effecting my left eye go to my right eye as well? Again, the stabbing pain only appears on the left eye. Thanks again.

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