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Hi! So I recently purchased some red colored contacts prescribed, from AClens to wear for Halloween, as well as a cosplay I'm planning on doing. I'm a first time contact wearer, never had vision problems so these are purely for cosmetic purposes.

I wore them for the first time last Friday for a costume party/Halloween party, and on Monday, I started experiencing dry, itchy eyes (both of them).

I do not have any redness, swelling, discharge, or pain and I can see just fine (no blurred vision or light sensitivity) but there is a slight burning/itching sensation at the corner of my eyes and they feel dry overall. It's not unbearably bad or painful, but it is a bit annoying.

I read that contacts can sometimes cause dry eyes, so I purchased some artificial tears and those seem to be helping, but I have to use them very frequently to keep the symptoms completely at bay(every 1-2 hours). Is this worth seeing a doctor about? Is it common to acquire dry eyes after wearing contacts? (I've never had issues like this before)

I also read that contacts can sometimes cause allergic reactions in first time wearers.

I haven't worn the contacts since then, and don't plan to wear them as long as I have these symptoms. If it is dry eyes though, will having this affect my ability to wear contacts like these in the future?

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