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So this morning I woke up with my left eye being more blurry than it usually is (I'm shortsighted in left eye). It's so hazy/cloudy that it feels so awkward to leave both eyes open cause what they are both seeing are drastically different. It's as if my left eye is looking through water or glass. In the hopes of letting it heal itself, I left it closed all day while trying to get some rest. It is 4am now and it's still hazy and cloudy. I also see white lines (?) while it's closed. I have scoured the internet to look for answers for my problems but have come up short for a resolution. It is so irritated now that it feels weird to even open my eye lid to expose the eye to open air, as it is extremely watery and fresh. Am I suffering from an abraded cornea? Has someone ever gone through that? Please share your experience if you have or let me know if you have an idea what my problem is. Also I would like to know if it is possible to let it heal on it's own without visiting a doctor.

If things don't get better by the time I wake up, I will immediately head to the doctors to check it out.

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