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Hazy/cloudy vision.
Aug 16, 2016
For the past few months I've been experiencing symptoms in my eyes. I get whitish cloudy patches on my eyes that I can sometimes blink away and sometimes not, as well as a general sense of "haziness" and blurriness. This can make me strain to read and watch videos, especially with all the blinking. My right eye is a bit worse for this than my left.

It's almost like a window pane in front of my eyes has been smeared with grease and blinking just moves the smear around.

My right eye has been my "worse" eye for as long as I can remember, but recently it seems to be worse than usual. I can see ghosting in my right eye, and the peripheral vision in both my right and left eyes seem to have blurry and/or grey patches.

My eyelids have also been twitching a lot. This has calmed down a lot since I quit caffeine, but it still happens regularly, just not constantly like before. The right eyelid is significantly worse for this.

My eyes are very strained reading and using the computer, and blinking all the time adds to the strain. I notice the symptoms are most prominent near the end of the day and when I am tired and at their best in the morning when I wake up. I take are diazepam 15mg. I am currently working on tapering off diazepam after 2.5 years.

I've seen an optometrist and he says my eyes are very healthy; I don't need glasses and can read and see "fine." He used machines to check different parts of my eyesight, took pictures of my retina and looked into my eye with a very bright light.

I've gotten a recommendation from my family doctor to see an ophthalmologist for a second opinion. I have been taking OTC eyedrops (tears) in the meantime and don't find they have provided any relief at all.

Any thoughts or advice?

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