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My eyes
Jan 5, 2017

I've been having some eye problems for about a year and a bit now and ever since they started i have been unable to relax ,think clearly , sleep properly, or basically do anything without the constant worry at the back of my mind . Fear of blindness is a fear i cant seem to overcome and its slowly driving me insane.

Before i go over whats been going on with my eyes ill go ahead and make it clear that its extremely difficult for me to get any kind of medical attention at this time . I wont go into the details I just want to get that out of the way to avoid being constantly told to visit the eye doctor which just isn't a realistic option for me currently. What I am looking for is advice or information that doesn't come from random google searches that always seem to lead to cancer, blindness , etc .

so about a year and a bit ago i started having this odd sensation in my right eye . There was no pain or discomfort and my vision was not compromised it simply felt some how its hard to describe really. After a time i noticed that when i open my eyes there is a small spot that resembles what i would call a sun spot in my right eye (like when your a kid and you stare at a light to long and you get that odd spot in your eye for a little while) . The spot was only visible if i kept my eyes closed for long enough. Eventually i got a headache and it sort of just lingered for probably a month or so . Then i noticed what people seem to call " visual snow" or what i call " static" in both eyes when there is not much light or in total darkness and that was when i started to get considerably more worried about the situation . By this time i was a couple months into this whole nightmare and because i was now more worried i started noticing other strange things like being able to see my retinal veins if the sunlight hit my eyes from either side and that when i lay down and close my eyes i see all sorts of interesting shapes and colors swirling around that i cant explain . If i look at something that reflects light even just something white or something that generates its own light and look away i get the after image of it in my vision even if the light is very dim . If i look to far to either side i get strange round cloudy distortions in the corners of my vision this also happens if i fix my eyes on a single point and move my head without letting my eyes move.If i go into brightly lit places and then return to a dimly lit or poorly lit place when i blink i see what look like lightning bolts until my eyes adjust .

That about sums most of it up at least everything i can think of. Now i wanted to add to this even though its already way to long of a post and i do apologize but there are some things that happened BEFORE all of this that i feel may some how be connected or related in some way .

The following will be in Chronological order

The first thing i should mention is that prior to all of this i had a massive kidney stone that put me in the hospital for a time but eventually it passed and i began to recover .

shortly after i passed the stone i was cleaning out my vaporizer cartridge and got splashed in the right eye by some of the VERY toxic fluid mixed with some water . I rinsed it heavily and it seemed ok at the time .

I was dealing with major back pains which i was told is common after kidney stones and was sleeping on my back rather than my sides as i normally do . One morning i woke up and as i was sitting up for whatever reason my neck decided to just stop supporting my head ( sort of like when your knee buckles while your walking ) my head fell back and because I'm a moron i tried to bring it back up and it snapped forward and made a loud crack it hurt like hell but i thought little of it and just laughed it off .

not too long after the neck crack i started having issues with my teeth . they would just break , not fully , but rather small sections of my teeth would just break off at random i would often wake up to a mouth full of tiny tooth particles which really freaked me out but that eventually stopped and now only happens very rarely .

That should cover just about everything i needed to get across . I will add that i am a smoker and have a history with digestive illness ( i had UC when i was very young and currently suffer from occasional pouchitis ) Not sure if the latter is in any way related.

alright well i guess ill wait for some replies and thanks in advance for any help offered .


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