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Went to Specsavers about my eyes because I have been worried about them. I'm 18 years old male, and my eyesight is bad. I have glasses but mostly wear contacts at least a couple of hours each day. My left eye seems worse than my right, both have floaters, but no flashing lights, I think. However sometimes something seems to catch my attention sometimes, but then nothing is there, so i might have flashes. My left eye is quite red and both eyes are sensitive to bright light, and I don't know if it's in my head but i feel like I used to be able to see better in the dark or in darker conditions than I can now.

My left eye is is worse than my right in prescription and they seem to be getting worse as well. Also I'm not sure if it just cause I'm wearing contacts/glasses a lot but my ability to see things without glasses or contacts is also getting worse.

Also my left eye seems to see darker than my right eye, as everything seems brighter in my right eye than the left.

The person I saw did quite a few tests on my eyes but didn't find anything, said that the redness could be dry eyes so I've got some drops. However, I'm still worried about my eyes due to the above problems, or is it all just caused by dry eyes and there is nothing I should be worried about? Also is there any way to get rid of the floaters in my eyes or are they here to stay?

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