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As of recently, when Im sleeping at night, I wake up sometimes to use the washroom and when going back to sleep I see w*rms. Its not a bad word I know but I put the star there obviously as an o. Just because some people who read this might think eww gross or may be afraid of them in general. I don't know just out of consideration. Last year I was diagnosed with high eye pressure, I have been using drops to control it, but I don't know if it's a little high again or if it could be a side effect. I was also born pre-mature. The thing is, it's disrupting my sleep. Then when I go back to sleep I'm fine though. And it doesn't happen every night. But it happends. When my friend and I was younger I know she was afraid of them and insects. And Im not sure, I think she still is. Im 32 and I've never been afraid of those things growing up or last year and years before. So Im not sure what could be causing this. THe other thing I thought of is that I have a cat. But I take her to the vet every year for her vaccines. And one of them is for worm protection and the other is rabies. Altho I don't see how she could get those since she's indoor. I know if she gets it the vet said it could be harmful to the owner as well. Any replies are helpful. Im considering going to my family doctor but Im embarrest. Could it be a brain thing also?

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