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[B] TL;DR: I have double vision, no one can tell why. Pinhole corrects it. It worsens slightly at night, but it's very little in the morning. Also, dry eyes.[/B]

In my right eye I see a copy of whatever I'm looking at positioned up and a little to the right. In my left eye it's up and a little to the left. If I'm far away enough, and I'm looking to an object thin enough (like a movie's subtitles at a small tv far away), I can see yet another copy of it. If I look at the moon (or at any far away dim light in the dark), I also see a copy each side. It wasn't like that one year ago. This is all correctable by pinhole.

I have seen an ophthalmologist about it. She looked for cataracts, but didn't find anything. She asked me if I have diabetes, I said no. She said my case was very unusual and had never seen such a thing. She recommended me a corneal topography. It turned out nothing unusual. I'm still to see an ophthalmologist after that. Now here's something weird I noticed:

When I wake up and turn on the computer, the diplopia is very little. It's still there, but as I'm sitting at an arm's length away from the screen, I can barely see it. Less than one hour later, it's back as it usually is. At night, when my eyes start to get dry*, the dipo/polyopia gets a little higher, farther up from the object and also less sharp, its edges gets more blurry. Now, I don't think this is caused by the dry eyes itself, because it never goes away, only gets better/worse throughout the day.

[I][SIZE="1"]*I have been getting this dry eye problem for the last month where sometimes some mucus keeps blurrying my vision sometimes when I blink. After playing a computer game for too long, I get yet another copy of the object, this time below, but this one disappears after a while. I'm still to see an opht about it.)[/SIZE][/I]

Sorry for the wall of text. What could this be? I wear glasses correcting for astigmatism and myopia, btw.

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