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I had an iol implant put in my left eye last Friday. I am getting the right implant in two weeks. I had lasik surgery 15 years ago and i could not get a copy of my records from that surgery.
Prior to the surgery, I could see well at a distance with my left eye, but not with my right eye. I can see up close with my right eye, but not well with my left eye.
After the left eye received the implant 5 days ago, there is no change to my right eye (no implant in it yet). My right eye is a bit blurry up close and far away now.
My doctor told me you need both implants in before they really work well.

I am a bit nervous and am hoping to get some answers.

1. Should I see an immediate improvement in my eyesight after the lens was implanted? It has been 5 days and I expected some improvement. After my lasik surgery, I immediately had 20/20 vision.

2. Do I really need to wait for the second implant to expect my sight to improve?

3. When I was being tested for the implants, they tested my eyes and did the typical, is 1 better or 2, is 2 better or 3? When it got to the final number, I donít think the letters I was reading were in focus. I didnít think much of it until my implant didnít work.

I guess I am just nervous and hoping things are going as expected.


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