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I'm so frustrated with my retina specialist. I don't know if she's being honest with me or if she's hiding that she messed up my eye. I'm not litigious. I just want the truth and the best treatment I can find that my insurance will cover. I'm switching doctors now that I'm 6 months out from my vitrectomy.

So, a couple of questions:
1) should I be concerned that my regular optometrist looked into my eye deeply when I called to say I saw a bubble at the edge of my vision and told me that there was no retinal involvement, just viscous fluid, and sent me home? The next day, I completely lost vision in that eye from a detached retina. Should she have sent me to the specialist immediately? In other words, do I need to find a new optometrist?

2) the re-attachment surgery went well, and I was a model patient. I even put a tennis ball in a sock and pinned it to the back of my nightgown so I wouldn't accidentally roll over in my sleep. I kept my nose to the floor for 10 days. Sooooooo boring! :) About 6-8 weeks later, I started noticing that I was seeing a small, blurry second image when I looked at anything lit up, like traffic lights. It got slowly worse. I realized that I was seeing the separate images from each eye, that my brain wasn't pulling them together. When I told my retina doctor, her response was a look of alarm for a split second, then no expression again. She asked me a few questions, but her only answer then was, and I quote, "hmm, that's unusual after vitrectomy." She doesn't answer my questions, skirts around them, and at each follow up appt says how wonderful everything looks. The cataract specialist (because it's almost inevitable that you'll get a cataract after this surgery, which I did) is the one who explained that the retina didn't lie back into the correct position after the vitrectomy. I have a small gray blurry spot in the lower outside corner of my vision in that eye. The retinal specialist wouldn't answer me when I asked what that was. The cataract guy said it was probably the retina I was seeing. I've always had poor eyesight, but now it's horrible. The best correction they can get me in the bad eye, which unfortunately is my dominant eye, is 20/70. That eye is so blurry that if someone was standing 10 feet from me, I couldn't tell how many fingers they held up if I covered the better eye. I could tell how many arms, but not fingers. Without my glasses now, I have no close up vision in that eye anymore, either. Has anyone experienced something like this after vitrectomy? In your experiences, is this just an impersonal doctor or should I be running far from her?

Thank you for reading this far. I'd really appreciate insights.
Hello there.
First of all, I hope you are seeing an ophthalmologist, not an optometrist.

An ophthalmologist is a medical optometrist makes glasses and basically thats all...they can test your vision to make those glasses, but 99% of them use automatic machines which "read" your prescription - rather than the old fashioned (and more accurate) way of trying different lenses until they get the best prescription for you...furthermore, optometrists cannot dx diseases of the eye or write prescriptions.

I had a retinal detachment...I had absolutely no side effects at all from it. If you are uncomfortable with the answers you are getting AND/ OR the side effects you are having- you absolutely should get a new doctor and another opinion. By the way, vitrectomy does not always result in cataracts. I do not have cataracts; neither does my husband who had the procedure 11 years ago. (Mine was 6 years ago).

Find doctors who answer your questions to your satisfaction. You should never feel like you are being problematic because you have questions and being ignored is not the answer either. There are really good medical doctors of the eyes all around the world...there are even specialized eye hospitals. Try to find a good eye hospital and get an appointment to have everything checked. Its possible that the procedure was not done correctly.

Good luck!

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