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Hi Shaman,

Once again, thanks very kindly for all your valuable info; it's always nice to hear from you.

Yes, there isn't much info on oculinum (botox) on the web; I had never heard of it until last week when casually flipping through my book on vision, written by AVI (American Vision Institute). All in all, it does sound like a "gamble" no matter how you look at it; in fact the AVI book made it sound a little too good to be true.....interesting that you mentioned the doc at Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, as I live in Toronto coincidentally.

Yes, I ran into a few problems with VT (vision therapy). I may have overdone it a bit, since the muscle in my left eye feels "overexercised, sore and rigid". I was instructed to do the eye exercises while wearing the prism-less glasses at home. My feeling is, with the combo of the two: prismless glasses on + eye exercises, ....that may have been too much (strain) for the now I stopped (for now?) the exercises and am just wearing the prismless glasses around the house in the meantime to hopefully strengthen my eye muscles.....Do you think wearing the prismless glasses on its own will help reduce double vision, thereby strenghtening the muscles? I am trying to wean myself off my old prism glasses to these lighter, prismless glasses.....Even the optometrist said to wear the prismless glasses around the house, as long as there is no danger in doing so, ie, cooking or using power tools, stuff like that.

I was told I have esotropia, A-formation double vision.
I believe a while back you said you had A-formation also.

So, tomorrow, I go back to the optometrist for another VT session (Monday) and I will see what happens from there......

Also, I am still looking at other options, in case VT doesn't cut it. Maybe surgery, which before I would've shyed away from ??? I am determined to get rid of or reduce alot, this double vision!! It is really bothering me these days, more than ever.....

Shaman, again thankyou for all your valuable info on Botox, that excerpt about the cosmetic industry was interesting!

Keep in touch, you have been fantastic to me, believe me!
Hope you yourself are doing Okay these days too!


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