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Re: Blurred vision
Nov 26, 2003
I hope I am not asking a stupid question, but is the blurred vision in the same eye that you got the branch in?

It is of course, possible that the branch did not scratch your eye at all. I would think that any ophthalmologist who is worth anything would notice a scratch on your cornea. I have had both an abrasion and an ulcer (an ulcer is a deeper, infected scratch that takes a very long time to heal) and my ophthalmologist noticed both right away. Every time I have had a corneal problem he has found it. He has had to go "fishing" quite a few times to get an eyelash out of my eye, but he has always found and corrected the problem. Do you feel like there is anything in your eye? If you do, but she doesn't see a scratch, it is possible that there is actually something in there that she couldn't see. It could be up under your eyelid. Did the dr flip your eyelid and look under it? It is uncomfortable but sometimes necessary. I am no dr, but from my knowledge an abrasion would not cause vision problems unless it was directly in your field of vision. Both times that I had an injured cornea (abrasion and ulcer), neither was in my field of vision, so I had terrible eye pain but no vision problems other than extreme light sensitivity.

The Lumigan could be causing an allergic reaction. You said that it is making your eyes red and itchy, right? Definitely call the dr immediately if that is the case. You might be allergic to the active ingredient, in which case there are many many other anti-glaucoma drops out there for you to try. Or, since Lumigan has a preservative in it, you could be allergic to that like I am. When I need a prescription drop I try to get it made preservative free from Leiter's Pharmacy in San Jose, California.

Back to the blurred vision. Once again, I am not a doctor. But it seems to me that if the blurred vision were from the pressure being too high, it would be in both eyes. That's why I ask if the blurred vision is in the same eye that was hit with the branch. If that is the case, then it could just be a coincidence that the pressure is high too. The blurred vision could have something to do with an injury. Or you could have an underl;ing problem, which the visual field test will detect.

Now I have to ask this...... if you are having this problem now, why do you have to wait almost 3 weeks to get the visual field test done? I went to my dr last week because I was having new occurances of flashers and floaters, and he insisted that I get the visual field test right there on the spot. It is not something that the dr has to do. It can be done by a technician. The dr just has to read it. If I were you I would call back and tell them that you are very concerned and would like to get the test done sooner. Obviously it won't be done this weekend because it is thanksgiving, but why not early next week?

Also, if your pressure is high I would think that the dr would want to check it after a week or two of being on the Lumigan to see if it is coming down. Mine never lets me go more than 2 weeks without seeing him if I am having an episode of high pressure.

The blurred vision in one eye really concerns me. If it was in both eyes then I would attribute it to the high pressure. But being that it is in one eye (the eye with the lower pressure!) it really doesn't sound right. Do you have any headache type pain when you move your eye from one direction to another? (left to right, up to down)You need to get that visual field test done to see what is wrong. I would not be happy about having to wait so long. If you have blurred vision in only one eye along with a headache type pain upon moving the eye, it could be something called Optic Neuritis. That is an inflammation of the optic nerve. Ask your dr about that if the blurred vision doesn't go away within a few days of starting the Lumigan.

Anyway, I will try to answer whatever questions I can for you, from my limited knowledge. Unfortunately I'm not a doctor. But sometimes the best advice can come from a fellow patient.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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