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My doctor put temporary plugs in my lower ducts last June when I was having major dry eye problems due to blepharitis. It kind of hurt when he first put them in and that night my eyes/eyelids were pretty sore and swollen. The pain wasn't as bad the next day, but I don't know if the plugs really helped my dry eyes all that much. I was still having to use a lot of artificial tears - almost every hour. My eyes were REALLY bad back then, though. The plugs dissolved after four or five days and my doctor gave me the option of inserting the permanent ones. I did seriously consider it because my dry eyes were causing me a lot of pain at that point. But in the end I opted not to have the plugs because I thought that I wouldn't be able to tell whether or not my eyes were healing on their own. So from that point on I was just very diligent about doing the warm compresses and lid massages, and I got the dry eye problem under control by August. My eyes have been fine ever since so I guess in the end I'm glad I didn't have the permanent plugs inserted. But that is just my experience. I'm sure there are other people out there who are very happy with the plugs. Hopefully they'll share their experiences with you so you can make a better decision for yourself. Good luck!

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