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[QUOTE=willsmommy]Yeh I can get this too some times more than others. I asked the optition about it and he assured me its nothing to worry about. Now there is a specific term that is used to describe this and I have forgotten it, sorry! But basically its a normal thing to get and is not of concern. For piece of mind pop to the optitions and they will do an eye check and reasure you. I get it when I am looking at certain colours usually red, blue and yellow. I can look at say a blue top and glance away but the colour is then carried into my line of vision. For examply I will be looking at a blue towel and look away and I can still see the colour of the top over the room its very strange and at first alarming. They told me to ignore it so I have and until I read this forgot I get this![/QUOTE]

Hey there
I wounder if yours is as bad as mine if you goto say which has white writeing on a black background once a few months ago I could read this with no problem but not around geting down to around 4th line of text I start seeing lines and like lines behind that which seem to go back and forth and when I look away all I see is like a zerbra crossing.

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