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Re: Blue spots
Apr 20, 2004
Do the blue spots block your vision? Do the black spots stay constant? Can you see through them? What you are describing sounds like scotomata. Here's a trick for ya. When you close one eye and look, you see a spot. Now do ther everse, do yuo see a blue spot in the same place? Either way, COLORED spots generally indicate a neurological problem. I think I often sound like a doomsayer, but I know a bit about this (not to be immodest). Since you have had these symptoms for a year now and the sky hasn't fallen, it probably isn't an emergency, and I agree it's probably related to your migraines, but possibly not. Either way, don't waste time going to a gp, get a referral to a neurologist, or better yet, a neuro-ophthalmologist. I highely suggest you do this at your earliest convenience...
Re: Blue spots
Feb 21, 2007
erin, you are not crazy. i have been seeing a blue spot out of my right eye for nearly a year. i don't know what your's looks like, but mine is kind of like i just had my picture taken and the light has faded to that bright blue color. unlike a floater, it is fixed in one spot and moves only with my line of vision, and also unlike a floater, IT IS BLUE. honestly, there is a big difference between blue and black for me, and it sounds like that doctor was just trying to come up with some sort of answer.

i have been to both an opthamologist and a neuro-opthamologist: neither had any answers, and my recent mri which showed no visual signs of tumors, lesions, clots, annuerisms, infections, paricites, or anything else abnormal.

also interesting is this: a colleague of mine told me she also saw a blue spot, but for a much more abbreviated time. she saw her's after she had broken up with her boyfriend and spend hours upon hours crying. i don't know if her's is related, or if so, how, but it was a comfort to know that someone else as least knew what i was talking about!


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