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Jgdejesu - I am having the same problem with the same eye!!!! Isn't it annoying???? Mine happened April 19th, got worse for awhile and is now staying the same and getting a little bit lighter (the dark spot) I can't even be in florescent lighting because the spot is so close to my central vision and drives me nuts - I HAVE turned into people who have come up on my right side becuse I couldn't see them - and the bright lights I get now look like a lava lamp! Every time I turn on my right side at night, this huge light lifts up from the bottom, comes up and dissapates - or it'll start at the top right side, roll to the bottom and then lift up - I get my own little light show :eek:
Let me ask you a question - after you go out and your eyes adjust, is everthing in the "patch" area shimmering and shaking? That happens to me, then if I come in it is worse and all the shmmering area is a glowing purple until I close my eyes a while and adjust to the INSIDE again. I described all this to my doctor and it is all consistant with the PVD (Posterior Vitreous Detachment)

My problem is from being SEVERELYnearsighted - are you very nearsighted? It is also very common for people over 65 (I'm 45)

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