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How hot is the water you are using? You may be burning your eyes. Water should be very warm but still able to hold hands under for a long time. My hands were more sensitive to heat than my eyes were.

What are you using in the water to do the eyelid scrubs? Occusoft made my eyes worse. I then used weak solution of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, a few drops in about 1/2 cup water.

Using washcloth to scrub eyes will cause irritation for some of us. I changed to cosmetic cotton pads. Use a new pad for each eye to keep from cross contaminating the eyes

Had I stopped hot compresses and eyelid scrubs after 30 days I would not be controlled at this time. It took about 2 1/2 years total, starting with severe dry eyes, blepharitis, infected oil glands etc. Regular montly opthamologist visits kept me on the right track toward clearing eyes of infection. If one thing did not work doctor tried another med and followed up.

When my eyes finally cleared from blepharitis I was not sure until doctor told me they were clear and the only problem I had left was dry eyes. Keeping preservative-free eyedrops in on frequent basis keeps eyes moistened and free of any misery.

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