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Hello people, I have been reading all your Blepharitis articles with great interest.
My story is as follows.
I took cialis. The next day the skin around my eyes was all red and irritated. I went to many doctors who all said dont worry about it it will go away. It just got worse. It turned from redness around the eye into a left swollen eyelid so the eye appeared to protrude. Then all of a sudden the eyelids went deep purple. So imagine a batman and robin type redness around the eyes then a deep purple blaze across each top eyelid and upon the rim of the lower lid. This appeared after about one month. The right lid swelled after about two months. No excess tearing, no dryness, no crusting, no stickiness etc.
So after about two months of swelling, the doctors who had all previously said dont worry about it its just Blepharitis and it happens and we dont know why...
Well they started me on antihistamines.. over the counter drops and tablets, antibiotics - doxycycline and chlorsig and klacid and ending up with tobramycin right now and progressed me up to steroid drops - flouromethalone, which all had zero effect. Once again they said sorry we cant help. I am living in an isolated environment and managed to get myself 1500 km's to the nearest opthalmologist. I manage to see three seperate ones...
One said - infection no allergy..take tobrex for six weeks.
Another said - allergy no infection...take patanol for six weeks.
And the third said - no infection no allergy it just happens. Burning and itchiness and that severe dry eye, poking in the eye feeling developed after month three.
I am currently dosed up on tobrex ointment day and night whuich is simply awful. And I add the patanol twice a day.
I am getting not much relief. The patanol has taken away the batman mask but the purple and swelling remain unchanged.
The eyelids are still purple and they come and go at which appears quite random intervals. I have had no lifestyle change am extremely fit and healthy working in the natural therapy field and dont drink smoke drugs etc ( except for that one off cialis which will never be happning again)
I am not sure where to go from here and as you all know so well, life has been diminished to going through the motions.
Any help clues or advice would be wonderful. Thank you
p.s. it has hit six months.
p.s.s. What happens if you cease all drops and ointments? Will the body naturally take over or will the infection, if there is one, simply take hold forever??
What anti-biotics do they have you on? Have you seen an eyelid specialist? Is it your lower or upper eyelids that are purple? Are both eyes the same?

My lower eyelids get purple from allergies.
Dear hinjibub. Did your eyelid problem disappear? I was thinking maybe you could try thera tears 3x's a day and wash your eyelids with diluted baby shampoo 3x's a day?

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