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MY ORANGE LIGHT OBSERVATIONS (please respond if relevant)

I am highly myopic (+10 both eyes) and also have massive amounts of stuff that appear in my visual field. All of it hampers my vision in a very severe way and thereís too much extraneous factors that will hamper my question so let me get to specifics.

For those of you who are also nearsighted at a moderate degree or more, can you take off your glasses/contacts at night and observe how a distant traffic or streetlight really looks like? I know in the movies and simulations all they do is blur everything but much more is happening then that for me so I really want to know if any of this is part of myopia or in any way caused by another eye disorder.
Ok look at a light, any color, letís say orange, at night when its dark so you can concentrate on the light and have blackness in the background. With myopia it turns into a big blurry looking circle right? Well this is where I start to deviate.

Observation #1
My circles fluctuate between looking like very intricate round snowflakes with tiny holes everywhere or becoming kind of like the circle was made of fibers, instead of tiny holes its dotted lines that generally lead to the middle of the circle like a half cut open orange. Now all these "holes" from these two types of shapes are actual holes that show the blackness of the background or whatever color it might be. This is the major one uncertainty as my doctor says I possibly have blindspots in my vision although she cannot be sure without further testing. With the visual field tests Iíve taken the supposed blindspots only appear in a certain area but these holes in the circle are pretty much distributed evenly throughout so whether they really are all little tiny blindspots remains a mystery as they donít coincide with the test results. They also change without me blinking every so often in the course of minute.

Observation #2
To add upon the problems above, there are branch type patterns within the orange light circle along with the above dots. If I move my head around I can see the branches move at the same time so its probably static unlike the other phenomenon and based on the angle I tilt my head with. I am not too worried about this because it reminded me of one time when my optometrist shone a very bright light maybe half a centimeter from my eye and she said that certain people could see the veins in their eyes and said those people are generally intelligent (irrelevant :o) but brings up my depressed mood). The veins look like the crosses and lines on a leaf so thatís why I think my branch effect while looking at the orange light was the same as the leaf effect from my optometrist. I cannot be too sure though so I will deem it a problem for now.

Observation #3
The next thing, probably not a problem, is along with the previous holes and branches, bigger holes in the light kind of shaped like cells MOVE, very distinctly, around in the snowflake/half-orange thing that is suppose to be a streetlight and sometimes make ďwaterfallĒ effects where they all start sliding single file up or down or also make ďbubblingĒ effects where they bubble up or down like soda can bubbles in one direction. Iím not too worried about this either because I read somewhere that seeing your red blood cells moving sometimes in your vision is normal and these looked like cells.

Observation #4
Some more problems to share. The snowflake/half-orange will also have a tendency to shoot rays out of its edges depending on the angle I look at it or a slight head movement, like when you look at a light through oily or dirty glasses and lights seem to stretch out in long peaks/rays, but I see this without glasses on and I donít think my eyes are dirty.

Observation #5
The circle pulsates, although I think this is normal, enlarging then shrinking back again, but Iím not sure if its suppose to do this every 2 seconds or maybe my eyes are way to sensitive, causing every miniscule light change to pulsate everything else.

If you managed to read through everything Iíve just said, please tell me (if you are myopic) whether you see any of these symptoms or not. Take off your glasses or contacts and look at a light at night at a good distance away to make a sizeable circle, as I am pretty sure everyone can see the circle. But all the other symptoms are beyond me and I want to verify if what I have is rare or not and if it is caused by a known disorder that may or may not be cured. This is the problem with comparing vision: you canít take snapshots of each personís vision and compare them side by side. This is why my descriptions are somewhat thorough as all I can use right now are words. I hope you had a fun read. It worries the heck out of me that my eyes are so screwed but on the bright side, when Iím bored I can take off my glasses and stare at lights all night to keep me occupied.

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