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[QUOTE=Sunlover]I don't understand the scale. I once asked my doctor what my vision was, I said, "What's my vision, like 20/100, 20/200, etc?" And he said, "It's immeasurable" So I took it to mean that after 20/1000 they couldn't measure any higher than that. I'm a -7 and a -9, I know people who are
-13! So if I'm immeasurable, what are they? And what are your numbers (for perscriptions)?[/QUOTE]

My doctor has a projector snellen that goes up to 20/400 the huge "E" after that its CF(count fingers) then HM(hand movement) then LP(light perception)
You should see 20/800 in that -7 eye and 20/1200 in that -9 eye. Maybe a bit better depending on your BCVA among other factors.

"Snellen Estimated prescription
20/10 Plano (zero)
20/15 Plano
20/20 Plano to -0.25
20/30 -0.50
20/40 -0.75
20/50 -1.00 to -1.25
20/100 -1.5 to -2.00
20/200 -2.00 to -2.50"

I disagree on the higher figures. How can one be 20/100 then 20/200 at -2? Isnt there lines between the two like a 20/120(6/36) or 20/150(6/45) or 20/160(6/48)? I understand many paper snellens dont have room for this but projector charts should. Also you can print or draw your own.

"Sometimes admitting that you have trouble counting fingers is embarrasing!"

for high myopes or those with eye diseases its a sad reality :(

"I have 20/700 vision and was told I am not legally blind because I can be corrected to 20/20."

So your -6 to -7 diopters? Legally blind means BCVA of 20/200 or worse depending on the state and country. Some say its 20/400 BCVA. Youd be "blind" without glasses figurativately speaking but not offically reconized as one by the government.

as for count fingers, many websites say its 20/200 if you count them from 20 feet. I am a blurry 20/400 uncorrected(about -5d) and can only count fingers from about 10'

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