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Hi Amy,Lulu and Joy,

My eye doctor was less rude today but had no good news. I noticed a red area near the cornea (on the white part of eye) 2 weeks ago when I had last visit with him. He didnít notice this then so I pointed out again to him today. Now he says the red area is blood vessels, and it is starting to cover around the dry nodule on my cornea (which optometrist noticed on last contact exam and failed to tell me). To prevent more blood vessels, he wants me to start FML. In the same eye that I have infection.

He says he cannot see any sclera edema or burn. But I have constant pain in that whole upper part of my eyeball. Anyway it scares me to use FML on possible burn on sclera.

He said my punctate keratitis is improved on my cornea. But then I realized he didnít even stain with fluorescin today so how would he know? He maybe just fudging. I hope not.

I convinced him to check Schirmer test. He reluctantly agreed. It look like it was 10 but he put the drops to numb my eyes before the test. And I have upper and lower plugs so it is not going to be accurate. He didnít even notice this.
I drove about 1 3/4hours and waited 45 minutes to see him. So I didnít feel good about findings.

I still canít believe the miserable situation I am. I just canít believe this.
Because it could have been prevented. I was so busy with my work I neglected my health. Also having negligent optometrists didnít help the matter. I really should have gone to general ophthalmologists to get my contacts. I mean with so many different manufacturers of disposable contacts I could not believe I stayed with hard contacts.
Life just really is bad for me right now. Very dark place.

I am going to see other doctors but my insurance only allow me to see the doctors in his group. So it is going to be touchy. I have e-mailed Dr Tseng also.

I guess you had tears but had dry eyes due to your conjunctivae. I would wish anything for pouring of tears for myself even if it clogged up the ducts. Anyway, I am glad you are doing so well.

Amy, Lulu how are you doing?
Amy, I wish I could have forgotten about my eye problems while I was away from the board. I was traveling, which I used to love but now dread, as it makes me even more acutely aware of how awful these symptoms are.

Thank you Montgumski, Amy and purple2067 for the hot compress ideas. I will give them all a try (except maybe the potatoes--too labor-intensive for me!)

I don't know if the hot compresses are working for me or not. I don't have crustiness/etc, so I am just waiting to see if they make my eyes feel less dry. The one thing I don't like is that they make them redder.

What's really driving me crazy, from a cosmetics standpoint, is these pronounced blood vessels. I have two bright ones in my left eye. One is a squiggly, corkscrew-y thing that comes down from the inner upper part of my eye and ends right before it reaches the colored part. The other is slightly lower, also corkscrew-y, paralleling the first; it comes down from the inner upper part, then makes a sort of right angle right before it reaches the colored part, and continues down until it disappears under my lower eyelid. It just doesn't seem right that they are always so pronounced.

Does anyone else have these pronounced blood vessels? If you look close-up in a mirror (like your car's rear-view mirror), are your eyes perfectly white or can you see blood vessels? Am I looking too closely?? Is there a way to have these surgically removed (ie zapped with a laser or something)?

Thanks for the info, and for listening to my problems. It's nice to be back, and to have some support :)
Hi Lulu-

Just when I think I may be getting better, I have a bad day. Burning and dryness today. It is so darn frustrating. I dislike traveling also in this condition. I just want to be normal again. (completely, but I guess I have to settle for a few back to back "better" days) Dealing with this now for the past 4 1/2 months has really caused a sense of anxiety and depression and helplessness. Sometimes I feel like I can rise above, and other days I am just too darn depressed. One example, a few days ago, I was feeling pretty good so I booked a trip to Disneyland with my family for Nov on a whim. Other days, I feel too depressed to go. Anyway, enough of the psychological toll that this takes. I know most all of you understand. Thank you.

In regards to my blood vessels in my eyes. Mine are quite faint, but numerous. It gives my eyes a sort of pink appearance from afar. No bright red ones. come to think of it, my face has been kind of rosy lately- so now I have lovely matching eyes. :rolleyes:

Lulu or anyone, can you tell me what it feels like to have a block meibomian gland? Can a person get those in the upper lid quite far up (not just at the lid margin) I have had a strange feeling up there that felt like it was rubbing against the upper white of my eye. After a warm compress- it actually felt worse. Then when I couldn't sleep last night, I tried it again and it really relieved the irritation that time. Just wondering if that could have been an blocked gland or chalazion or internal stye or something. I have never had a stye in my life.
Hot compresses although they feel good at the time, seem to dry my eyes out even more so I don't do them much.

Good to hear from you, Joy. Also, Steve............I really hope that you don't have anything else wrong with you (neurological) but it would be a good idea to see your general Dr (if not a neurologist) just to tell them about your leg pains and tingling. You could tell them of the connection you think they have. (eye and extremities)
I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

Hi Susan,
Here are the answers to your questions:
1-The conjunctiva is white and the burning is gone. I used to have pronounced blood vessels and burning in the outer corner of my eye before the surgery.

2-The scarring is hidden under the lid so it is not visible when someone is looking at you. I don't know if this would be the same for the pingueculae. You would have to ask Dr Tseng. Maybe he could show you before and after photos of someone else's surgery.

3-Who did your pingueculae surgery?

4-Dr Tseng and his staff are all very compassionate and realize how deeply our eye problems affect us. Continue to ask him questions. I e-mailed him so many questions before and after the surgery and he always answered them immediately and in detail.

Good luck,
Hey Everyone,

Amy, you were asking about white bumps, thick oil discharge, I think. Well, I can only give you my story and I'm sure we are all different but I didn't start out with all of that either.

At first all I had was too much oil. My eyes only bothered me usually in the morning and got better as the day went on. Sometimes I would go a couple weeks or so with no problems at all. I went to the eye doc and he said I had too much oil. I didn't have any problems with white discharge or anything like that....My oil was clear, I believe, just too much of it.

Well, as this stuff progressed, I had less and less oil (I think that happens from the inflammation) and it became thicker, whitish and once and awhile a gland will clog on me. That just started happening this year.

What I do know is that I wasn't treated properly in the beginning and my eyes are a whole lot more bothersome now than they were before. My eyelid margins are almost always pink with the blood vessels visible.

Well, I think I am going to get an appointment with Dr. Tseng. I think it is worth it. I do believe that if I was treated properly in the beginning, I may not have progressed to where I am now. Maybe not but I don't want to take any chances. I would hate for this stuff to get any worse and find out later that there was something we should have done and I didn't know about it. If I hadn't gotten a second opinion, I would never have known about the preservatives in the drops. My prescription was messed up too in the beginning. Oh well.

I also want to really make sure there is nothing else going on. Seems strange to me that after all these treatments, my eyes are worse now than before I started all of this over a year and a half ago. My oil looks so much better...I seem to have a lot the mornings my eyelid margins have a clear oil on them so why do I have so many bothering symptoms?

I still don't know if I have enough aqueous tears. The appointments go so fast and I'm not well informed about the tests and what is going on. They may know but don't share much. I may be doing everything I am supposed to and it is just a MGD problem, but I think I would like Dr. Tseng to confirm that. I think I would sleep better knowing I am doing everything I can to make this better.

Got to go....Thanks for all of your help and friendship. I don't know anyone with dry eyes except through here either!

No black and blue marks? Thank goodness. I guess that's why he has me on steroids now too. I believe I've read or heard that in doing so, this helps with the surgical outcome.

Yes, the recovery time frame sounds the same. Were your eyes really red during that whole time? Immediately following the surgery my eyes were perfectly white for the first day or so, and then due to gravity, the blood started creeping down to the surface, until eventually, it faded away several weeks later.

The pingueculae is located on both eyes. Left eye - nasal and temporal, and right eye - temporal with the nasal side surgically removed in March. As far as problems, it definitely exacerbates the dry eye issue as well as redness and blood vessels growth to the area where the "pings" are located. Plus as Dr. Tseng mentioned, over time, the pings make the eyes look very yellow and tired looking. So, I guess you can say it's a cosmetic issue along with quality of life issue. For those of us who suffer from pings or dry eyes (and surely most of us on this forum are) that cause chronic inflammation, redness or irritation can relate to this.

Hey Calibug-
It is good to hear that you are still doing so well. Awesome! Thank you for the info on the facial creams. I think I will go back to trying the rosacea cream one time a day. Maybe use the Aloe vera gel the other time instead of twice a day antibiotic cream. My skin can't take it.
My eyes aren't doing well again. Do you ever notice your eyelids to be thickened (swollen) around the the lashline? If I press them or massage them - they feel sore and sort of ropey. I guess that might be inflamed glands. Today, instead of my eyes being pink rimmed, they were definitely red. Also, I am losing some lashes here and there. It is really sad when you think that you are doing all there is clinically to care for them~ and they still are so bothersome. It is like when will this ever end? Burning and scratching and I have been noticing as of late that there is definitely more and more red blood vessels on the white of my eyes. I think the lack of a healthy tear film w/ oxygen long term is taking its toll.

Well, sorry to vent my frustrations. If you or anyone else experiences any of this, I'd love to hear about it. Glad to hear you are on top of this stuff, Calibug, at least for the time being.

I think that's very interesting about the association with eye flares and your cycle. I'll have to pay closer attention.


P.S. Lulu, if you are out are you doing?

Good to hear you are still doing O.K. I'm rooting for you that you have turned the corner.

In response to your question, I don't have blood vessels showing through my eye lids when they are closed. I do however, have pinkish/reddish lid margins and a very red lower lid upon pulling it down. The vessels that have become the biggest concern for me are the faint, but numberous ones on the white of my eyes. I constantly walk around with this pink glow.

The mascara issue I have often wondered about. For years I would go months and months on one mascara, now I try to change them out more often. I'm interested to see if you notice any change with the addition of mascara (for the worse) What kind do you use? Do you wear any eyeliner? If I have a "stay at home day" I usually do not wear any eye make-up, but if I go out I really feel like I "need" mascara because my lashes (esp. on the bottom) are so few and far between. I haven't worn eyeliner in a long time though. Been going "natural" for the most part.

Hi Lulu-

Like I've said, I've been hesitant to report my status. I am hoping for a better day today. Yesterday was horrible. All day long I had burning and scratchy feelings in my eyes. By the end of the day it was the worst. I don't get it-- isn't a symptom of MGD supposed to be that you feel worse in the AM and better as the day progresses? Not in my case. For me, it's the darn blepharitis symptoms in the morning (crustiness, swollen lids) and then shear dryness and scratchy later on. I can't win for loosin'! It's like I have no water or oil. I wonder if the antidepressant (Celexa) that I am on is contributing. Just started it 3 wks ago. I can't really say that because I was most definitely dry before. I do feel it is helping with my depression/anxiety though so I will stay the course with that.

I hope you like your mask if you end up ordering it. I find it very convenient. Mine is pink! :D Ha

I hope you are feeling good today and that I don't discourage anyone with my "less than progress." I don't mean to. I haven't given up hope certainly. That's what keeps me going.

hi i have blepharitis, with a lot of visible blood vessels in the white of my eyes. i would do almost anything to find a way to make my eyes white again. does anyone know if eyebright or bilberry extract makes any visible difference?
also i have been thinking about going on restasis, to secrete a better tear production. i wonder if ive got more tears, will the blood vessels start to fade away? ive had the vessels for 1 1/2 yrs and they very easily dilate and make the eyes look bloodshot. does anyone know if mast cell stabiliser eye drops are suitable?
also, does anyone know if saltwater (at the beach) helps fight off bacteria with the blepharitis?
thanks for your help

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