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Hi Steve-

Well, although some days are better than others, I still am far from completely recovered. I'm not sure that will ever happen. Eyes weren't too bad yesterday, but today is a different story. Thanks for asking.
I hope you are getting along alright. I have tried to get back into exercising etc. That helps a little.

How's it going? I went back in the forum history and read a lot of prior posts. There were quite a few on blepharitis and also ocular rosacea. Some were yours- so I was able to pick up some more information. The one common thing is most people that have MGD have said they have tiny little bumps at their lash lines. I have never seen anything like that, nor have I ever seen any oil come out when I squeeze my lids. Kinda odd.
I am anxiously awaiting my Relax Etc gel mask in the mail.
I may have to stop the Rosac cream (the sulfa drug) because it smells bad and my kids tell me it stinks on my face. :rolleyes: Also, even though I don't put it near my eyes, if I touch my face during the day and then touch my eyes- it is irritating. Have you used and had any success with any non- med type rosacea remedies??

How are you doing? Are you tolerating the Doxy okay? Keep me updated.

One more thing, for Amy--I don't have any tiny bumps on my lashline, either. And nothing comes out when I squeeze my lid margins. I've never had any thick discharge, and have no flaking or crustiness. However, if I pull down my lower lids, the inside looks kind of reddish and stripe-y; maybe these are a sign that the glands are inflamed? I am still wondering exactly what physical signs led my opth to diagnose MGD...
Hey Everyone,

Amy, you were asking about white bumps, thick oil discharge, I think. Well, I can only give you my story and I'm sure we are all different but I didn't start out with all of that either.

At first all I had was too much oil. My eyes only bothered me usually in the morning and got better as the day went on. Sometimes I would go a couple weeks or so with no problems at all. I went to the eye doc and he said I had too much oil. I didn't have any problems with white discharge or anything like that....My oil was clear, I believe, just too much of it.

Well, as this stuff progressed, I had less and less oil (I think that happens from the inflammation) and it became thicker, whitish and once and awhile a gland will clog on me. That just started happening this year.

What I do know is that I wasn't treated properly in the beginning and my eyes are a whole lot more bothersome now than they were before. My eyelid margins are almost always pink with the blood vessels visible.

Well, I think I am going to get an appointment with Dr. Tseng. I think it is worth it. I do believe that if I was treated properly in the beginning, I may not have progressed to where I am now. Maybe not but I don't want to take any chances. I would hate for this stuff to get any worse and find out later that there was something we should have done and I didn't know about it. If I hadn't gotten a second opinion, I would never have known about the preservatives in the drops. My prescription was messed up too in the beginning. Oh well.

I also want to really make sure there is nothing else going on. Seems strange to me that after all these treatments, my eyes are worse now than before I started all of this over a year and a half ago. My oil looks so much better...I seem to have a lot the mornings my eyelid margins have a clear oil on them so why do I have so many bothering symptoms?

I still don't know if I have enough aqueous tears. The appointments go so fast and I'm not well informed about the tests and what is going on. They may know but don't share much. I may be doing everything I am supposed to and it is just a MGD problem, but I think I would like Dr. Tseng to confirm that. I think I would sleep better knowing I am doing everything I can to make this better.

Got to go....Thanks for all of your help and friendship. I don't know anyone with dry eyes except through here either!

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