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:wave: A question about stringy eye gunk... Everyday I get milky to almost clear stringy er... um... things, in my eye. They don't really interfere with my life, they just sometimes cause a blurring of my vision while they are in my field of vision. When I manage to get ahold of one end of one I pull it and it comes off of the surface of my eye like a string. Sometimes my eyes are itchy but not often, I have developed circles under my eyes over the last 2 years, and in that time period the white things have appeared. I have no known allergies to anything and I am wondering, (yes, here comes the question :p ), WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE STUPID WHITE STRINGY THINGS AND HOW THE HECK CAN I BANISH THEM FROM MY EYES!?!?!?!!? Sorry, frustration... thanks for the help.

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