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[QUOTE=susanna_29] So floaters aren't really cause for concern unless you're experiencing anything more like flashes of light? I'm 29 and extremely nearsighted. I've had glasses since 3rd grade.[/QUOTE]

Well, they SAY that you should have your eyes dialated and checked out for each new floater, but to be honest, for ME that is not practical! (I'd need a cot and rent a place in the doctors waiting room if I did that!!), I don't know anyone who ran to a doctor with each floater... but being that I am only a poster on this board, I wouldn't want to give you bad advice! I've had floaters since I was about 19, and my daughter's been getting them since 13 or 14 (I never had her eyes dialated, I just don't think it's necessary!), but like you mentioned, I really think the light flashes would be the warning to go (but again for ME, I'd have to camp out for that too! LOL!). As far as the blurryness? If you have some kind of irritation under the lid, it could be some mucus in the eye. If it is itchy it most likely is an allergy and that will definitely cause mucus production. When you rub the eye you are moving around the mucus and covering the pupil, after a while it goes off the pupil and that is when you can see again. That is my guess.

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