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Double Vision
Sep 7, 2004

I was wondering what you guys might think this could be.

About 3 months ago I started getting double vision. I really noticed it when I looked up at the moon and saw two parts of the moon (the top left 'corner' and the right side) "sticking out" from the moon, as well as the actual moon which I can't see clearly due to the doubling. I also notice it especially when I'm sitting in a lecture at University looking at the screen with a powerpoint slideshow on it. When the words are bold from the background (eg yellow writing on dark blue background) They are doubled in a similar pattern to the moon. Both the moon and the words aren't blury they're just doubled. It also happens to objects that are closer though not as drastically and is most noticable when the doubled objects is bold from the background.

If I cover one eye, the double vision still stays but mainly only on one side.

I also get short (1 sec to 3-4 minute), sore (6-8 on 1-10 scale) headaches, which I get many times daily (45-90). I see a neurologist about them and he has referred me to the eye department at my hospital for my eyes but I don't know when this will be. I also get sore/achy eyes at the back of them. My eyes also often have dark and light areas banding horizontally across them. I also had the onset of about 15 floaters occur around the time when my eyes started playing up (about 8-9 months ago). A couple of times about every 3 months I get this vision blackening out, where it looks like a black curtain has been pulled across half my eye, only effecting one eye though I've had this happen in both eyes.

Earlier in the year I was diagnosed with optic nerve head drusen, which is a condition where small calcium balls build up on my optic nerves (slow process) because the optic nerves aren't big enough for the nerve messages to go thru, or something like that. This is supposed to be a benign conditions and isn't supposed to affect my vision.

Thank you


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