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Anyone help
Oct 7, 2004
I have had an appointment today with an eye consultant, had eye problems in one eye for over 2 years. Was sent back to eye clinic again after have neurologist think I had horners syndrome.

Dark blurred vision, swollen eyelid, drooping eye lid pupil that does not dilate and pain. Feels as if muscles in corner of eye is swollen. ~Vison very dark and feels as if I've lost the right side of my face.

Was dxn back in 2002 as having blepharitus - today after lots of drops etc, was told that it could possible be aide's syndrome, and not horner's and nothing can be done always be dark and blurred etc etc, could be bought on by a viral infection.

I asked the ? could the pressure from a swollen eyelid cause a decrease in vision, (not sure). Have been given anti inflamotorys to take for a month,
after looking on the web site for aide's I find it says that the pupil is dilated, not constricted as mine I am more confused than ever now.

Can aides' make your eye feel that uncomy that you want to pull it out, and does it cause a swollen feeling and an eye that feels stiff to move. Can anyone help.

Have been sent for blood work for Thyroid, glucose, barellia and bartenello (virus), ESR and blood counts. I would like to know if anything wil limprove of am I left like this for god knows how many years. And can is cause severe blurred vison and darkness?

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