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I'm hoping somebody here will be able to offer me advice on an unusual visual symptom I've been experiencing for the last two months. Occasionally when I'm looking at a light-colored background (the blue sky, a white wall, a computer monitor, etc.) I'll notice a small spot that resembles the ghost image from a very bright light. It can happen in either eye although it seems strongest and most frequent in the left one. I've never noticed multiple spots in a single eye or spots to appear in both eyes at the same time. These spots seem to behave almost exactly like the ghost image that is produced when a very bright light bleaches the photoreceptors in the retina. They are definitely fixed on my retina and maintain a constant location relative to my center of vision. Like a ghost image, they are most apparent for a fraction of a second right after I blink or if I rapidly shift my focus from a dark background to a lighter one (covering the affected eye with a hand and then rapidly removing it also works). The onset of these spots is quite rapid; they then fade over a period of 5 or 10 minutes. Sometimes they are very faint while other times they are quite noticable. They are always very small and there's no pain or other sensation that accompanies them. On average I experience one or two spots per day. Since I first noticed them the frequency and intensity has remained more or less unchanged. My impression is that the spots always form in the same location on each retina each time they reappear.

About a month ago I saw an ophthalmologist and described my symptoms. He said they didn't fit the pattern of any condition he was familiar with (and I've failed to find any match for my symptoms after a thorough online search). He performed a standard eye exam (tested for glaucoma, dilated my pupils, etc) and said my retinas appeared to be in excellent health. He didn't seem to be overly concerned with the spots and said I should monitor the symptoms and contact him in the event of any significant changes.

A bit more background: I'm 31, male, in good health, taking no medications. My eyesight is fairly good; I wear glasses for driving but can get by without them if necessary. I've got a fair number of floaters in both eyes but this has been the case pretty much my whole life. I do spend a significant amount of time working at a computer and using a microscope and occasionally experience mild eyestrain as a result. The only other symptom related to my eyes is slight anisochoria; the left pupil is about 1 millimeter larger than the right. Both pupils respond normally to changes in light and based on old photographs it appears the anisochoria has been present for at least a year and a half. The ophthalmologist diagnosed it as physiologic anisochoria and said it was nothing to worry about. I'm still concerned with the "ghost image" spots and would be extremely thankful if anyone could offer me advice or opinions on their cause (or even similar experiences). Thanks! :)
[QUOTE=sophie2007;3710437]Hey symptoms are identical to yours. I was diagnosed with uveitis (iritis) and was given an injection of prednisone in my right eye 6 weeks ago. The floaters in my right eye are gone except for two lingering ones. The doc injected the left eye on the 22nd and it is now clearing up also. However, the blob still comes and goes in the left eye, but not as often. But my symptoms regarding that blob are exactly as your's are. I was told it might be a leak of the aqueous humor, a liquid sack in the front of the eye that creates the glob/blob. Whatever, I have found that my anxious level pertaining to all of this has decreased immensely since the floaters have cleared up and my vision is less cloudy. Do your eyes tire easily too? Good luck to you...Sophie[/QUOTE]

Hey Sophie,

Thanks for your reply. From what u said u symptoms sound different than mine. Mine are little white blobs, more like minature white flashes. That last for a minute or two. I can only see them when looking at the blue sky or a light colored background. They come a few times a day. and flicker more intensly when I blink. Is this what your seeing as well?

I dont have cloudy vision, nor do i have an increased amount of floaters. I dont have any of the other symptoms of Uveitis either, high iop ( i think), red eye.

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