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thank you everybody for the quick responses

mont - sorry i sounded like i was having a panic attack - I guess it came out a little stronger in writing! - its just very frustrating when i need to constantly study and my eyes hurt so much - for about a week, i came home to my apt and would take 3 hour naps - so i prob was depressed as well from this condition, but even when i wake up my from the naps and in the morning, my eyes are tired.

I dont know exactly the cause - the doc i saw kind of took care of me fast and then threw me out (but she didnt make me pay for some reason :) ) - she was actually really great, but I will ask her more questions when i do my follow up - I know that I have the meibomian gland dysfunction, but Im assuming that it came about as a result of repeated infections - i was a contact wearer and I got GPC earlier this year - after my eyes had been dry for a while - i dont know if i had GPC or MGD first (GPC was just diagnosed earlier), but I also used to as a kid get pink eye often (maybe once a year) and also styes - I took good care of my eyes, but I guess i was just prone to infeciton for some reason, even though i have no other medical conditions and have been in good shape my whole life. But maybe its another cause - rosacea? I dont know - I am light skinned, get flushed easily on my nose and cheeks, but i've never had any skin problems on my face (acne, etc)

I would say that my biggest problem is blurriness and dry eyes/very tired eyes(burning)- i just got my prescription changed, but neither this prescription (even though i read 20/20 in the office) nor the last one seemed to be drastically different in terms of improving this blurriness - its almost like a fishbowl effect when i look out or a distortion - Im hoping that the blepharitis is the main cause of this blurriness as my eyes are not being coated properly, but I also havent seen to many people complain about this and I dont know if the routine treatment is going to really attack this.

I will try all of the recommendations that everyone has posted here - thanks ajneedhams and CSLewis as well!


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