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I totally know how helpless you feel. I have the ocular rosacea form of MGD. I have been on the doxy for 6 wks and I keep hoping to see some long term improvement. Oh, I will have 1 or 2 good days, but then the burning and stinging, scratchy feeling returns. My Dr wants me to take the doxy for 6 months (at least)

I really can identify how you feel. I wore contacts happily for 20 yrs (I'm 35) and then one day, I got pink eye from my daughter, and I never have been the same. It led me to believe that the infection caused my dry eyes, but the Drs seem to think it only exacerbated an underlying condition. I don't quite get it and I am beginning to think these Drs know very little. Even though I have some meibomian gland dysfunction, I know that I also have lacrimal dysfunction as well. Were you tested with a Schirmer's test for baseline tearing etc? my eyes don't water much with this condition.

Keep up with the warm compresses and the lid massages. There are some newer things on the horizon. One (in which I haven't yet tried) is the eye drop "Soothe" which is available to order over the counter from any pharmacy and is available on the shelf at any Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy right now. I haven't yet tried it but it is a lipid replacement that is supposed to last 8 hrs. I hope it is better than Refresh Endura because that stuff stings my eyes. I'm guessing it is the castor oil component. Also there is a new RX drug called Diquefosil (sp?) that is coming out soon that may be able to help a lot of our related suffering. Keep hope.

Good luck and pop in and let us know how you're progress goes.


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