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Any suggestions as to the causes of these
It is as if the air is full of visual 'noise', millions of tiny tiny dots, white, black and some sort of bright. They have become so bad that they now obscure my vision in dim light, if the lights are off at night it is like minute snow - white out, and I see them in the pitch black with my eyes shut. It started 30 years ago with only very few dots, and has suddenly got much worse. I haven't seen real black or real white for years - they are all dotty.

The other weird thing is that in very bright light, eg sunlight, all my visual field has very bright active wriggling worm things in it. Very tiny indeed, wriggling incredibly fast, and probably almost translucent as they only show up in bright light. They also look as if they are 'out there' in the air, and are definitely on a different plane than floaters, if you see what I mean. The opthalmologist does not know what they are, just suggest I am seeing white blood cells in the blood vessels in the retina. But I am fairly certain they do not look like white blood cells.
Opthalmologist could find nothing wrong with my eyes, other than some deterioration in the vitreous.
i think i may be getting bright lights i see loads of stars moving around randomly in my vision...but not in the dark...i have also startedseeing a lot of floaters and...after after images do you mean shadows of say a tv screen that remains for a few seconds?
i also get strange shadows across vision as if its almost going out of focus.
opthalmic doctor says eues are ok..bit of vitreous syrenseris in periphery (usual for 26 year old?) but otherwise im fine he dischRGED ME and just said look out for the retinal problems (unlikely he says).
this all started after stopping ecstasy drug use about 10 months it possible brain changes mean that i am now seeing absolutely everything that i didnt notice before...i also get headaches/migraines as well.


You are not alone. I do not have this, but have heard of a lot of people with this phenomenon. They go to see doctors (opthamologists, neurologists, etc) to find nothing wrong with them. There is a web discussion devoted to this. Get on yahoo and search for 'visual snow'. You'll be suprised how many people have this, yet doctors don't seem too concerned since they can't find anything physiologically wrong. The other thing you see, the 'worms' - it is entopic phenomenon - caused by the white blood cells moving through your retina. They look like worms to you since they are moving so fast through their capillaries in your retina. You'll find folks with the visual snow see this very clearly as well - along with some other strange phenomena of the eye. It is almost as if the brain has been turned on to 'see' everything that is going on with the eye. I share some of these things like the entopic phenomenon, afterimages, floaters and other strange spots, but I don't have the visual snow (well not all the time - only with one eye closed do I see it). Just know that you are not going blind or dying, but these folks don't know what is causing it. Good luck to you![/QUOTE]

I wouldn't worry too much. I think you are seeing the entopic phenomenon when you say you are seeing stars moving around quickly in bright lights. This is NORMAL. Doctors say that when/if folks notice this, it sends them running into the doctor's office, but it is in fact normal to see this. The afterimages, too, are normal - especially if you are only seeing these for a few seconds at a time. Yes, seeing the tv after looking away is an afterimage. Afterimages are constantly with us, but normal folk tune these things out (much like the entopic phenomenon). But, if you're like me, when you first noticed the floaters, you began to look for things, analyzing your vision and lo and behold, you will find things. Now, my afterimages are lasting longer than they should and I get them with about anything at high contrast, but my doctors all think it is because I am now so darn hypersensitive to my vision now. I see all kinds of stuff that is normal. Of course, I see weird stuff, too, but no one can find anything wrong with me, so they all just chalk it up to anxiety and hypersensitivity. I did go to one retinal-vitreo specialist and he said I didn't have PVD, but did suggest that maybe vitrious syneresis (more benign form of PVD, I think) COULD be causing my symptoms (along with anxiety and hypersensitivity). I'm only 29 and I agree, we're young to have this, but it is not unheard of. We should just feel lucky that this is all that is wrong with our eyes and go on with life. Of course, I'm a worrier and a nut right now and that's easier said than done.

Oh, and I should say that some folks who see afterimages and other weird visual stuff have HPPD (I forget what it stands for, but it is visual hallucinations of sorts due to drug use). I've never used the stuff, but it may be what also is causing some of your weird visuals. From what I've read, it often goes away with much time off of not using drugs. I'd do a search for this on yahoo to check it out. I agree that we are seeing normal stuff that we normally didn't see before (floaters, afterimages, entopic phenomenon), but what 'turned it on'? For you, it may have been the drugs. For me, it may have been anxiety, hormones (I'm pregnant)...

Now we just need to learn how to turn it off! ;)

Good luck!
I am kind of relieved to see that other people have the same thing wrong with them that I do. I started seeing these disturbing dots when I was 20 yrs old. I was taking the fertility drug clomid for 3 months, and I beleive somehow that contributed to it. I am 25 now and still have it. Tons of white dots that make up my vision yet eye doctor tells me I have 20/20 vision and every other test came out completely normal. i went to a neorologist, got 3 cat scans, and nothing! They all look at me like I'm nuts. Something I have also noticed is I have a feeling of my eye being weak on the right side, though no reason for it. The colors in that eye are a little bit duller than in the other one. It seems the dots get worse during times I'm sick or times I'm really stressed. I feared I had some weird disease they have never heard of because I can barely find any information or cause on this condition. Anyone have any other similar symptoms?

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