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I believe your first symptom is this entopic phenomenon that i've talked about to others before. Blood vessels lie in front of the retina and very perceptive people can see the 'shadows' of them. They look like very tiny, very fast whirly-things. They can make it look as if I bright sky or white piece of paper is slightly vibrating. If you look hard enough, you can see a distinct pattern of the white blood vessels zooming around in very specific paths (the blood vessels). If you get your heart rate up, you may even be able to notice a movement to your heartbeat. Most people freak out when they first see this and run to the doctor. I've been told that it is demonstration of normal retinal fucntioning that most people block out. But some of us are too darn sensitive to seeing these things. I began noticing weird visual stuff with floaters. I'd try not to concentrate too much on them, just know that it is normal to see it.

I agree that your other visual symptom is an optical migraine - which causes no harm to the eye. You should feel lucky that the visual phenomena that you are seeing are benign! I know, it's still scary, right? I understand! Take care of yourself!

Have a good weekend!

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