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Re: Grainy Vision
Mar 16, 2005
Hi Guys - Sorry I didn't see your posts sooner, I've been off this board.

I don't know when it started, I can't pinpoint it but I do know that going into stores like WalMart really bothers my eyes - I walk around squinting to focus otherwise I feel like I'm just staring.

sk3499 - I get a royal blue spot - very quickly comes and goes - in my left eye. At night, in the dark the grainyness is more yellow - I would say - not white but an ivory or yellow color.

I have a visual field test now scheduled for April 8. Does anyone know much about this test and what it will show? I can see things I just have trouble focusing on them and my eye exam showed better than 20/20 vision with my glasses.

I'll pay more attention to this board - thanks for your responses.


Yes I do see afterimages - it doesn't really bother me but I do notice that I do see those images - any ideas about that?
Re: Grainy Vision
Mar 19, 2005
Im 28 now and have had grainy vision since i was probably 17. eye specialists always find nothing wrong, other than i have an increased chance of retinal detachment so i get it checked every few years. I get after images from bright stuff, grainy vision, if i look at a blue sky, its very noticable. Night time too. My eyes are also very dry, and feel like they want to pop out of my head. I see floaters, (colored sometimes, clear sometimes) and everything was fine. 4 or 5 years ago i had an eeg, all normal, all blood tests normal.

I have high bp and get treated for it, thats about all.

So i guess some of us are lucky enough to just happen to see this stuff. I try not to think about it and have gotten pretty good at ignoring most of it. As long as the eye specialist gives me a clean bill, guess its nothing to be concerned over, more of just an annoyance....

Re: Grainy Vision
Apr 25, 2005
Hi everyone,
I've experienced grainy images myself and all my eye exams came back fine too. I just very recently found out that I wasn't the only one experiencing this. Before I thought I was the only one in the world, I told no one!
So what do your staticy/grainy images look like? Do you see it everywhere around you? I only see it at the surface of whatever it is I'm looking at, I don't see it in the air infront of me (does that make sense). I do see it at night also it is much more vivid at night.
Do you remember ow it onset was it after a trauma in your life or stressfull situation? I got mine after a really traumatic episode in my life that happened in 1994 and I still have it. Can you believe I told no one and just lived with it! I was scared that if I told people they would think I was crazy! :dizzy: So I just kept it to myself and it didn't really bother me until recently because it seems to be getting worse. Now I am definitley going to see a doctor!
Good luck to you all :)

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