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Skittles -

Hey, i see some of the same things and other weird phenomena. I, too, have been to many doctors (2 optometrists, 2 opthamologists) to find nothing wrong with my eyes. I believe (this is my opinion - non-medical - after several months of this crap, with no problems detected with my eyes), that there is something that has 'turned on' to allow me to see all this weird 'normal' phenomena of the eye - floaters, afterimages, entopic phenomenon, etc. It can be very distracting, but I find if I am fully engrossed in something (reading or social activities or movies), I see very little weird stuff. The swirling you see, I think, is the entopic phenomenon. It is the ability to see your white blood cells moving about very fast in the blood vessels that lay in front of the retina. It is weird that the human eye is designed this way, but the blood vessels from the optic nerve branch out in FRONT of the retina and cast shadows on your retina. NOrmal folk tune this out. The brain SHOULD tune this out, but very perceptic people see it, often freaking out and running to the dr. NOw, depending on how you described it to them, they may not know what you are talking about, but, if you really try to focus, sometimes, I can see perfect little circles marching in a distintive path (blood vessel). If I defocus, I see it as a swirling, circular effect that can make you dizzy. I am finding more and more people becoming 'aware' of weird, yet deemed 'normal' phenomena of the eye. I don't know if it is something 'wrong' with our brains, or we are just very hypersensitive. I know mine started with anxiety and hypochondria. When I noticed floaters, I FOCUSED on my vision and now I see more and more weird
stuff. Doctors tell me my eyes look perfect (and I'm only 30) and I am hypersensitive, so I try no to worry, but it is scary. Sorry, I am rambling, but I think you are okay. Have you had any anxiety problems? I am finding a lot of folks that see this weird stuff also have anxiety problems. Of course, seeing weird stuff can cause anxiety, but I know my anxiety came first and then the visuals. I don't know, this is just a theory of mine as I can find no organic cause for these things I see. I'd definitely go see an opthamologist (MD, not optometrist) to discuss your concerns. I bet everything checks out fine.

Good luck!

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