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Re: Itchy eyelids
Feb 7, 2005
[b]Holy Crap![/b] :eek: Mani, I just came from my optho's while ago, and I was just diagnosed with it too! Bless your heart, it ain't funny, is it! I know the feeling! My left lid was red and swollen yesterday a.m., and I knew something was rotten in the woodpile. I've got dry eye and allergy eyes to boot! Whatta neat li'l package! NOT!

Here is what he wants me to do, and I hope this might help you as well.

He is having me to shampoo my eyelids GENTLY, with baby shampoo. Using a washrag with comfortable temperature, squeezed out, just put a dab of it on there, and do this. Then, after rinsing the shampoo from the rag, gently wash it off.

He gave me some antibiotic ointment to put on the eyelids to prevent infection. I do this at bedtime. He said I can put a warm, moist washrag on there, if it is really bugging me in daytime. This softens the gunk.

I sure hope you get better, and that maybe that will help, but I would sure see an eye Dr. first. He may have you do something different from what mine is, if it is a bit different. I have no styes as yet.

All the best,

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