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Howdy-Howdy! Well, that dang ol' goop! Gonna have to figure a way to get rid of this stuff. I have that egg yolk stuff too sometimes. It's amazing how an eye can excrete all that mess!:eek:

Well, I see an optometrist for glasses, and the opthal for my glaucoma checks and other stuff like goop, mucous, and other delicious concoctions!:D

You sure had a merry go round of goofups with the contacts and glasses! Bless your heart. Whatta mess! Makes me wonder if I really have astigmatism, but the optometrists I've seen have all agreed I do. I think the left eye just likes to change every day or so! But, I'm glad you got a good doc who knows what's going on. It makes you wonder if those el-quackos mail ordered their shingles!

Nosey time: What grade level do you teach, what subjects? Just wondering.

Talkin' at ya' later~

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