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I have just come across this forum. I'm wondering if people can give their opinions and answer questions from the following dialog concerning my vision problems.

I'm a 41 year old male and due to an eye being crossed as a child, I basically only have sight in one eye but until a few years ago, could see 20/20 out of that eye, corrected. Since then my vision on my "good" eye has deteriorated to the point of 20/40 - 20/50. Basically the symptom is that items are blurry and have a lack of contrast. It affects far distance more then near. I can read a pill bottle but cannot recognize a face too far down the hall. I am more color blind then before, particularly with small objects. I have seen many specialists and have had many tests done including a field vision test and a flueroscopy (sp?), I think that is what it is called but dye is injected in your body and pictures are then taken of your retina. Also an initial MRI. All was negative. One glimmer of hope I have is that one opthamologist swears he sees a cortical cataract and that must be the cause of the vision problem. Another says he may see slight spoking but it is very minor and he questions whether it is even reaching the center of the eye. It acts like a cataract to me. It seems like there is a "sheen" on things and that if I could just wipe it off with windex all would be well. I think I see slightly better in overcast conditions then I do in the sun althought I don't think I have a huge glare problem that I read cataracts can cause. I have done an experiment and that is if I focus just below an object that is blurry so that the object is in my upper peripheral vision, it becomes much clearer although being outside the macular, I can't read it very well. I use the vcr clock from viewing from the bed a lot for this experiment.

But lately a new symptom has appeared that has made me quite nervous. Straight lines and text are now slightly wavy. I printed out an amsler grid and looked at it and the lines are slightly wavy, not much but a little. But the thing is, it changes constantly. One part of a line can look slightly wavy or a computer text word on the monitor may appear to be running down hill slightly and I can close my eyes and reopen and the waviness for that area could be gone or moved to another area. When viewing normal objects, driving, etc., I do not notice this waviness. I know this could point to a macular problem but I had a dilated exam, just three months ago and the doctor said the macular looked fine and likewise that was the opinion out of all the tests and exams I have had in the past. Likewise if a macular problem, I think the waviness would be more constant and predictable?

OK, a few questions. Is macular damage generally readily apparent when having dilated vision exams or in particular the fleuroscopy I had? Could a lens distortion caused by a cataract cause the waviness as well. I only first really noticed this a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if it was there all the time and finally progressed to the point where it was noticable or a recent occurence. Although I'm better now, I also had a pretty bad two/three week cold as well.

Based on my described symptoms, can anybody venture a guess what it might be? I'm wondering if someone with confirmed macular damage can comment on whether they share the same symptoms which is the loss of contrast and blurriness of everyday items, whether there are straight boundaries present or not?

I will be extremely grateful for any comments. To say I'm nervous about the whole situation is a huge understatement. If it continues to get worse, the time is approaching where I won't be able to do my job, save nothing of getting my driver's license renewed. The doctor who thinks it is a cataract says he won't do surgery until it gets worse. I'll add that I don't have diabetes or high blood pressure. I generally eat ok and take Ocupower vitamins. My worse sin is that I drink too much alcohol. If you have any specific questions or need something to be clarified, please ask.



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