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These days I feel my lower eyelids keep moving up. Its kinda shaky. I dont have any redness or pain in my eyes. My eyes feel fine. Its just every 5 minutes, the eyelid start to be shaky for about 5 to 10 seconds then it stops. Its really irritated. My friends standing about 4 feet away can tell dat my eyelid are shaking.

I used to have my eyelids shaking without my will before, but it rarely happens. only once in 2 weeks or less. But this time its been almost 2 days and it happens constantly every 5 or 6 minutes. is it becuz i'm lack of sleep? Before this happen, I once tried to took out my contact and i kinda hurt my eyes a lil, but i dont remember i did anything to my eyelid. Did any of u guys have this problem before?
My lower eyelids flutter when I get tired. Try closing your eyes for a few mintue when it happens, and try to cut back on computer use, which can cause eye fatigue.

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