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Since the last four months I have had a sudden onset of vision problems. I will try to summarize these as much as I can since all the opthamologists think my eyes or OK but I do not feel so.

Just after chirstmas 2004 my eyes started to give me problems. It was like I was seeing through a slightly yellow glass. The vision was skewed a lot like if I was seeing something I could see only a part of the things around it. Immediately I went to a Opthamologist who thought it was ocular migraine. I had normal migraines (the headache and vomiting version while I was a teenager). But my eyes did not improve for almost a month. Later though the sight improved my I had a lot of floaters kind of clumps of transperent stuff stuck to one another in groups.
Again I went to an opthamologist who did a fundus exam and checked the pressure which came out normal. A month later I went for one more exam and they found that I had 2 white patches in my right retina. Incidentally I have less floaters in that eye than the other. They ruled out FEVR but diagnozed it as White without pressure. This was probably not seen by them in the previous exam or this was a new happening. My eyesight in the first exam was -.25 on the left and normal on the right. In the second exam they prescribed -.50 on the left and normal on the right. By the third exam I had -.5 on the right eye also.
As of now I am wearing glasses for -.5 on both the eyes.
But the sudden emergence of floaters and sight is overwhelming me. Also when I look at a monitor there is a lot of shimmering of the screen kind of like looking at an image in water. Also when I look at something bright and look somewhere else I see the image of the bright thing as a dark spot in the view.
As much as I could explain I think I may not be clear but can someone help me with this information and let me know what my problem is?

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