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The surgery went well, but the follow-up care was a little spotty.
My pre-surgical correction is 20/550 (with 20/20 being normal) so there is no big "E" on the eye chart for me (there is now, however, in my Crystalens eye).
But I have rather severe dry eye syndrome, so can't wear contacs.
And combining a Crystalens eye with an eye correct by lenses in glasses is more than the human brain can compute.
Today I finally got them to give me a contac lens for the non-surgically treated eye, because I was seeing more poorly than before the surgery, and that was depressing (and a common reaction to the anesthesia used is "mood swings").
I can't keep it in for long periods, but it gives me some relief from the handicap for an hour or two at a time.

With the Crystalens, the patient administers drops into the eye for a week after surgery to keep the focusing muscles relaxed, so the new lens will seat itself in the back of the eye, where it belongs, and without which there would be no distance vision. This also relaxes the iris, which means a very dilated pupil. So the intermediate and close vision are not available to me right now in the eye with the Crystalens, and the distance vision is distorted in the manner that is customary when the pupil has been chemically dilated.

In a couple of weeks it should be working well, and I will be feeling very sheepish about having a meltdown post-surgery.

In 5 and a half weeks, I will have the other eye done, and 2 weeks after that you should be able to nickname me Ol' Eagle Eye.

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