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Can you believe what went on here? Looking back on it, I can't believe it myself! The things that happen to me are just unbelievable! Nobody can believe any of this when I tell them! When I went over to the hospital to see the interventional radiologist, I walked in and he, knowing full well my past history and that I was now having another problem, just stood there and threw his hands up in the air and shook his head! They were all basically saying "get the heck in here and lets see what in God's name is going on with this thing!" But thank God he was able to fix it non-invasively and I didn't need more surgery.

Well, I am done with the steroid treatment. They gave me the last dose and took the needle out yesterday. I can finally take a real shower again! You can't take a shower with a needle sticking in your chest, cause even if you cover it really well it can still get wet and cause an infection. So I was bathing in the bathroom sink! My eye is still really blurry, but I can't tell if it is because of my poor tear quality or the optic neuritis. So I have been stepping up the hot compresses. (sound familiar?) Actually, today both eyes are blurry, which could be caused by the steroids themselves. I have another ophthalmology appointment on wednesday to check my progress.

Now I am just going through the withdrawl symptoms. My heart is pounding out of my chest and I am shaking like crazy. I'm also having some pretty nasty mood swings. (I've been just a little nasty to people! Walking around the house being very demanding and telling people to shut the hell up!) In fact, yesterday I was just absolutely enraged that I asked my parents to go to my favorite homemade ices place and get me a large cherry ice, and they came home with "this freaki crap from the supermarket!" I walked around the house slamming things for an hour cursing and not talking to anyone! Talk about MOODY!!!

And yes, my mom was absolutely in hysterics when he told her he was going to inject TPA! They practically had to restrain her! LOL! He was like "mom, either I do this or she doesn't get the treatment!" And I'm fine from it. No bleeding or anything.

My eyes are just sooooooooooooooo crappy. Dry is not even the word. That's got to be part of the reason that they are blurry. (my right eye wasn't blurry the other day, but it is now.)

And you are right. I don't think we are entitled to one happy day without someone or something coming and kicking us in the butt! I was so happy this week. I was going to get my steroid treatment at home, be comfortable in my own bed instead of in the hospital, and I was going to be fine. But look at all the crap that had to go and happen! I'm sorry, but that double vision just freaked the hell out of me! It was like "oh, what a nice car. Oh wait, there are two of them there! What the heck???"

It also doesn't help that I have some very inconsiderate neighbors around the corner who BLAST their music all day and turn up the base all the way so it thumps through my chest and makes my heart feel like it is going to fall into my stomach!

The steroids are causing such anxiety and palpitations that I am living on Xanax as it is!

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