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I tried to post yesterday but something was wrong with the boards. :mad:
I am glad that you had a nice father'a day with your day Tony. I'm sorry he has Alzheimer's. That mkst be hard for you and your family. My grandma doesn't have Alzheimers, but she's got an orbital tumor that is invading her brain, and it's making her say and do some really wacky things! She is in a nursing home now because we can't take care of her anymore.

And I guess we'll forgive you for not getting your MRI done today. Friend passing away............. a likely story.

All kidding aside, I am sorry abut your friend. But you better reschedule that MRI pronto mister! Or you'll be getting a kick from my butt kicking boot!

I am a happy girl. :) I've had this highly visible growth (wart?) on my hand for months. That's how long it took me to get an appointment with the dermatologist! I've been picking at it and trying to "remove" it myself, but that does me no good! I finally got to see a P.A. at the dermatologist's office today and he froze it for me. I would rather that he had just numbed it and burned it off right then and there, like others have done for me before. Nevertheless, I will be wart free in a few days! But what a pain in the neck! Can you believe I have to go back to him in two weeks for him to check it??? It's a stupid little wart!!!

It takes so little to make me happy!

On the eye front, however, things are just as crappy. :(

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